Caught In The Moment-Episode 6


After they had mocked me to their satisfaction..t
hey left strict instructions with the security to make sure I was metres away from the house..l felt like crying but I wouldn’t let the tears drop..I had trek back everyday from my bridge home to the fashion was really very far but I wasn’t giving up because my dear doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you was a week now.. I had arrived there again to try my luck when I noticed a kid running out of the house..I couldn’t tell if the young lad was playing or crying but I could tell he was about to lose his precious life..a speeding car approached as he made an attempt to cross over..then I saw a woman rush out of the House shouting after the boy..there was no time to think if I would lose my life in the process..I rushed and drew the kid back..well it was rather too late for was just a brush but the force knocked me off balance..that was the last I remembered..the next moment I opened my eyes I felt eyes all over in white..
“God am I dead?”
I questioned aloud in won’t blame me vision was still blur a little..and I was seeing people on white..
“Na die be that nah” I thought in fear
“No dear are not”
My vision became clear now..mtcheeeww..other were just doctors.
Thank God..minutes later a woman walked in with her husband as I noticed..I remembered she was the woman running after the little boy..
“Please my anything you it money? Anything.. You saved my only son”
She was becoming remorseful..well I didn’t mean to be too ambitious but I believe you know what was on my mind
“Madam..please just get me into the fashion house..I want to work there”
She wiped her tears and starred at my desperate eyes.. She looked back at her husband who offered a go ahead smile..
“Is that all you need?”
‘ you ask me o..’
I thought.. I didn’t Want to look too ambitious but she left me no choice..
“And if you could secure a place for me to sleep in the fashion house I would be most grateful”
She smiled..I know she would be happy I didn’t request to stay In her house.. You know how women like to protect their husband..
“OK..Clara is a good friend of mine..I can pull a few strings..what’s your qualification?”
She was a bit disappointed when I told her I had nothing but my application letter.. She did ask if I would Like to be a cleaner since I didn’t have a result to submit..I agreed.