Caught In The Moment-Episode 4


Welcome back! As I earlier explained, I got a job..was I too lucky?
“ Annabel”
A girl same age with me welcomed me to the seemed she was the only one nice to me.. The others had that jealous look on their faces judging from the fact that I was given special treatment from the boss..he allowed me sleep in the girls room..bought clothes for me.. He had invited me to live with him and his family..but i was not ready to be victimized again..I couldn’t tell if his intentions was pure though
“ bukky”
I replied her and offered a smile
“Wow your eyes are pretty”
She gasped and commented in admiration
“Would you two get back to work!”
Madam lizzy shouted at both of us, she was the supervisor..rumour carried it that she was the boss girlfriend just that since I came around the manager had been paying little or no attention to her..”but wetin concern me nah” I thought..she was beginning to get on my nerves..
“Annabel go on your knees now”
She ordered..what! How ridiculous
“Get me a cane”
She went further and lashed Annabel at the back yard..I tried to bear the screams..I was in charge of sales that day I couldn’t leave the counter.. But this was too much..I bounced to her
“Madam please stop this”
I met her red eyes
“Are you mad?!”
She rage like a wounded we had an unsettled quarrel
“Madam with all due respect..i have not worked much but I believe it is not stated in the rules and regulation of this organisation that it is right to physically abuse any of the staff”
She stopped and faced me
“You dare challenge me?”
She raised her hand to slap me
“Don’t you Dare”
I warned..she noticed the boldness in my tone and thing my father had always taught me was never to be intimidated when am right
“Annabel let’s go”
I picked her up and took her back to the counter
Later that night I was summoned to the manager’s office where the issue was tabled..but it all ended in my favour when all the staff that witnessed the scene spoke out for me..the marks of her abuse was still visible on Annabel’s body..she was suspended for a week..
Hurray! You would now say I am the hero right?! A piece of advice my dear readers..never be the is much more easier if you mind your business..
A week later Lizzy was back from suspension..she was calm and I was very glad for that..little did i know she had planned something big..
Later that night after we’ve closed for the day
To be continued