Caught In The Moment-Episode 3


Have you ever slept outside? Like not in someone’s house but real the open.. Open to both physical and spiritual attack..well I was in this position..I banged my aunty’s gate continuously but it Never opened..I was more than scared..I stayed awake thru out the night. And promised myself I would run home the next morning..and the morning came my bag was money and phone gone!
I cried my eyes out..until I even forgot how to cry self..and then hunger started..I couldn’t just sit and die..I had always watched in the movies of how people survived in the streets..Only this time it was my movie. So I stood up and dust myself up..I tied together the part of my gown Goliath and torn..and then I started roaming about..or should I steal food..hmm nigerians would just kill me..there is something I can do..I walked over a pedestrian bridge..and from up there I could see young boys like myself making good use of the traffic jam..all they did was clean off dust from vehicles with small water bottle and a brush..just like that? And they got tips.. Well not from everyone but at least a good number..I hurried down there and pleaded with one of the boys to let me too..even if I was all dirty Already.. My beauty still helps a lot..I got 200naira! I rushed to the nearest mama put and satisfied my tummy first…what next?..I needed an urgent job..I attempted a car wash but they needed just guys..I got to a fast food.. But d–n I was too dirty to present myself..they had a notice “sales rep needed..apply within” I went to the security
“Excuse me Sir”
With my tiny voice.. He was a young man but judging from his appearance I could read he didn’t attempt going to school at all..
“How you dey?”.
He replied.. Starring at me
“Plz sir I want to apply for a job here but am too dirty..can you help me with any cloth?”
He licked his lips continuously
Sometimes I would want to blame God for giving me this kind of beauty..but then I can only thank him..because I got the cloths and a long note sheet where I could write my application..
Fortunately the security alerted me that the manager was on his way out..I ran too him and burst in tears explaining heaven and hell to him..why I needed the job urgently..
“OK come and resume tomorrow”
My tears became intense
“OK can start now”
He stared and me with that surprise look. I know he must be wondering if I was from planet earth.
What I do know is..i am strong..and I would survive..