Caught In The Moment-Episode 2


I entered his room and stood by the door, my legs were shaking..he laid down pressing his phone and acted like I didn’t exist for a while..before he dropped his phone and sat up to look at me
“Why are you standing there? Come in. What are you scared of? Are you not my sister?”
Hmm..maybe it was not what I was thinking..I took a bold step and entered the room..but I made sure the door was left open..
“I just felt that you’re going to school to learn the course I I should enlighten you a bit”
‘Oga na you be the enlightener oh’…I thought..maybe it was a pure intention sha..I sat on the stool as he instructed..he brought out some textbooks and placed them on my thigh drew a stool close and sat opposite me..
“You know you’re a beautiful girl”. has started..I knew this Goliath had an ulterior does “I want to enlighten you” suddenly change to “you know you’re a beautiful girl” within minutes, just like that. Immediately I started thinking of ways to excuse myself
“Uncle please aunty bought drugs for me not feeling too well. Lemme go and take my drugs”
I attempted to stand up but he caught my hand and held me back
“What’s wrong with you this your first time? spoilt girl.. Just cooperate within minutes I’ll be done”.
Jesus! My heart raced..I believed my neighbours could even hear my heart beat..
“Uncle please..I have not done this before. I’m a virgin, please don’t do this to me”
I had to lie..hoping it would convince him..but he had gone mad like my body was intoxicating him..
“Don’t worry after the little pain you’ll enjoy it”
He grabbed me and started kissing me roughly.. I struggled.. as he attempted to close my mouth I bit his middle finger with all the feminine strength I had..he screamed on top of his voice as his finger gushed out bleeding..but it didn’t stop him..I wonder what happens to some men that their brain becomes blind to anything you do when they want to rape..He retaliated, slapped me and tore my gown. Heaven and hell helped me..heaven was that tosin and my Aunty rushed into the room because the door was still open..hell because my aunty added another slap to my swollen face
“So you want to accuse my son the way your mother accused my late husband” that was their issue..I was pushed out of the house that night by 10:45pm..tosin stole out and gave me #1500 for my tfare back home to Ibadan, only for Lagos street boys to steal my bag and my tfare..
To be continued..