Caught In The Moment-Episode 19


You know that moment when your enemies see your reaction sometimes..they tend to wonder
“What is this….
” sssshhhhh”
I hushed vodka..placing a finger on her lips as I got close to her..she was shocked..I knew she never dreamt in her entire life that I would even stand close to her..
“ are a up to don’t have to scream like a Baboo every time you know”
I heard other models in the hall giggle until she turned to face them with that fierce look and they all fell back to form..
I took a chair to sit and cross my legs..of course it was vodka’s favourite chair but who cares?
“Oh I see what this is about..because you now realise Jeremy can never be now result to this cheap act”
She smiled with a gesture and folded her arms, expecting her crew to laugh at what she said, but they didn’t
“And yet your Jeremy ran after me like a lost does that feel..knowing you would always come second?”
Yes! It got to her. I could see it in her expression.. She attempted to say something else but I interrupted her
“And to you all…
I was now trying to woo a crew to myself
” that continue to live under the shadow of a fellow model, like she is your god..don’t you desire your freedom..a chance to be in the lime light? Instead of always brushing the shoes of your equal model?..The time is now, take your chance and join me”
Vodka burst out laughing to my oral essay until three models left her side to meet me..and then 4 to 6 until one of her bestie “jovita” left her side
“Am sorry vodka but I’m tired of being your house help..” Jovita blurted out..
It was just 3 with her now..she walked up to me with red eyes..I didn’t move an inch like she had expected..
“You don’t know what you just got yourself into pig..I hope you are ready?”
I shook my head like I had pity on her..
“Unlike you vodka..I don’t fall cheap.. Girls you need to see Jeremy pricing a cheap stock yester night!”
They all burst out laughing..she was hurt and I felt so good..she raised her hand to slap me but jovita came to the rescue and caught her hand
“Shhuuuuhhh…please go cry somewhere else”
I said and turn to the girls..
“Who is ready to show case!!”
They a screamed in joy as we all went on, ignoring her completely..It took her minutes before she could conserve the shame and walk out..
Eyah sorry sister, just wait to see your precious clothes, all torn and used as the new carpet!!
Within minutes she charged back to the hall
“Bukky who tore my clothes!”
I ignored her completely and continue to cheer jovita as she practiced her cat-walking lesson
“Bukky I am talking to you”
“Vodka please let her be”
Jeremy quickly ran to him like he was her saviour
“Jeremy she tore my clothes!”
Surprisingly he ignored her and walked up to me
Awwww…that must really hurt
He stopped facing me..starring into my eyes..I didn’t look away this time..I stared back..until he spoke out
“Bukky we need to talk”
I knew that was exactly what he wanted and I was quick to respond as I attempted to walk out..but he held me back..his hand was cold and soft..I knew he sensed the anger I felt..he had never seen me in this form before.. I was this sweet innocent girl..but its quite different now
“Please bukky..give me a chance to explain”
I stopped and looked at the faces of my new crew..they all had that beckoning face..
I went with him but stopped to face vodka while we walked out.
“See? You would always be second best”
She frowned but Jeremy was there .she wouldn’t dare raise her hand..
I was just getting started with her..she would regret the day she met bisola
“Bukky the day you met me, wasn’t the day I first saw you”
“vodka insisted i do not go for you because you were an ordinary cleaner. Which would ruin my reputation.. Myself and vodka were in a relationship years back but we broke she made a bet that if I don’t win you in a week..I would come back to her”
He paused for a while to see if I was me, I was over attentive self .I signalled him to go I was just looking for new info to deal with vodka
“I swear I didn’t know I would fall for you in the process.. Vodka blackmailed me to come to her room that night..threatening to tell you about the bet if I refuse to do what she asked”
Oh so vodka planned all this..I see..
“Bukky please I am very sorry”
I looked at him for a while..I could tell he was telling the truth.. So I forgave him..but to get to that level of intimacy, that would take a very very long time. Truth is, I don’t trust the guy to keep my heart anymore..
“I forgive you”.
I opened my arms and embraced him..I could feel his joy until when clarise rushed to both of us, trying to catch her breathe
” Jeremy, its madam Clara, she has been rushed to the hospital, she collapsed few minutes back”
Oh no! Not madam Clara please..