Caught In The Moment-Episode 20


No this isn’t happening.. I was restless..Jeremy and myself had rushed down to “Royin specialist hospital” where she had been admitted..what really happened was a mystery we both wished we knew..clarise instructed that madam Clara’s situation should be a secret for now..until we know what exactly happened..
Jeremy was glad I was with him..although I initially refuse him to touch me..but later on, I sat down with him and brought his head down to my chest to rest..I could see he was lost..
We both slept in the hospital till the next day when the doctor appeared to ease our curious minds.
“Please I need to speak with a family member”
The doctor spoke out..the look on his face was telling me something was not right..
“Doctor if you have anything to say, you can tell us together.. We are all family”
Hmm I love that..the doctor sighed and held Jeremy by his shoulder to ease him a bit before he spoke out
“Your mother has been harbouring a dangerous cancer.. Leukemia”
Oh my God! I remembered back in school, in biological class, leukemia was said to have no cure!
“Doctor please check again, there is no way I am gonna believe that”
Jeremy said, smiling like he was alright, I knew he wasn’t..
“Jeremy there is still a little hope..she can have a chemotherapy.. Its a fifty fifty chance. Who knows, many has been cured thru chemotherapy”
Clarise tried to calm Jeremy but he was unsettled. What do I do?..madam Clara has been a mother to me, she picked me from dust, we can’t just lose her like that..
I gently placed my hand on his back..he turned back in he was lost.
“Jeremy please let’s go with the chemotherapy”
He nodded to my idea, like he had no choice left.
“I would still need the approval of your mother and the elder son as she revealed to me”
The doctor concluded, tapped Jeremy by his shoulder and went on.
An hour later we were allowed to go in to see her..surprisingly she had that smile which got me confused, maybe she didn’t hear what the doctor said about her ailment..
“Jeremy its gonna be fine”
She said in a weak tone..I just stood at the door. I wouldn’t want to disturb mother and son..
“No mom its not. It’s not, did you hear the doctor, he said…
” Jeremy?”
I called out to him, he shouldn’t be putting more stress on the woman, she is the one with the ailment..
“Mum, I am calling David, he has to come home”
Wait? Which David.. Is it my David? Oh no! Please it shouldn’t be the David I know. Please..