Caught In The Moment-Final Episode 21


There is more than a million David in this world, so it’s not certain its the David I know, despite the fact that I tried to convince myself with this thought, my mind won’t let me be..
“It’s David..its not David”
You can imagine that endless struggle, I remembered my mum telling me he had travelled abroad, I didn’t want to ask Jeremy about it, he had alot on his plate now..but I couldn’t bear it abeg
“Jeremy, this David, he travelled abroad?”
I asked one evening when we were on our way to the hospital
“Yes, why?”
My heart missed a bit, he should have said no, at least lie small to keep my mind at ease a little..
“Hmm, he stayed in Ibadan before right?”
Jeremy frowned at my question, what was he thinking now
“My brother never stayed in Ibadan”
Was I disappointed or relieved, I couldn’t tell, maybe it’s not David after all..
“What’s this about? You know my brother?”
I could read jealousy in his tone..mtcheeeww, what is wrong with this one self..
“No, I thought it was someone I knew”
We got to the hospital, the doctor was now giving specific instructions on how to care for madam Clara
“On no occasion must she bleed, please it must be avoided at all cost, she should consume more of fruits and vegetables”
Jeremy and myself continued to nod to his instructions.. I missed vodka sha, all the plans I had for her had to go on hold for now, I just miss the wahala, I had not even set eyes on her for a week now, only God knows what she is planning..
“When is David coming to sign the papers?”
The doctor questioned..and for some unknown reasons, my heart missed again
“Bukky calm down, its not David”
I assured myself and breathe down to ease myself..
“He would be taking the first flight tomorrow”
We went on to madam Clara, the woman was weak and it scared me somehow, she signed the documents for the chemotherapy, I could see she had desire to live for her two boys, and I was happy for that..
The next day came, I just don’t know why Jeremy insisted I followed him to the airport.. My dear readers, I wasn’t there, and I was there, in other words my spirit had gone to the spirit land once again..I was just trying to calm myself and put up a smile each time Jeremy asks if am ok..
And it was confirmed..the figure walking towards both of us was indeed the one I recognized. I tried to faint but I couldn’t. It was David! My David! my story begins
What happens next?..
Find out in “Caught in the moment” Season 2

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