Caught In The Moment-Episode 18


He turned back in shock!..I couldn’t move from where I had that smile of victory..he approach me slowly like I was attempting to run
“Bukky..bukky..its not what you think..
I didn’t let him finish..I hurried off..still he ran after me
” bukky please listen to me”
“Jeremy please its not like we are you owe me no explanation”
I tried to convince him to let me be for the moment, to get my head straight..
“Bukky please just let me explain”
I stopped to face him..I wasn’t too mad about him smooching vodka..i just came into the system..himself and vodka had been together for a long there is no way he would just love me like that..what hurt me so bad was the fact that he made a bet to make me look cheap..and so when I stopped, I didn’t stop to listen, but to ask him directly
“Jeremy I dare you to tell me the had a bet with vodka right?”
He tried to avoid my eyes as I tried to look into tell if he would lie..
“Jeremy answer me!”
Tears was dropping from my eyes but I cleaned it off
“Yes..but bukky…”
I swear I didn’t mean to but the moment I heard his answer, I landed a slap on his face
“I let you kiss could you ..”
I didn’t know what else to say..he just kept his eyes on me..
“Please stay away from me..sir”
I need to go back to being formal..he didn’t stop me anymore as I hurried off..I ran to my room and locked myself up..I was supposed to cry right?..but I didn’t..I was mad, I was consumed with anger..
I remembered back then in the fast food..and all lizzy did to me..and then I remembered her last words
“Yes my is never fair”
And yes it isn’ has pushed me too far..the world is not where the innocents lives. If you are not ready to bend the rules a little.. You would always be used to others will..
If vodka wants a battle..she has got it..
I freshened up..i knew vodka would be having her model lessons in the lesson hall..well she tore my laced gown right..i stole into her room and made sure all the cloths she had on her sewing menu was torn beyond repair..
When I was certain of that..I went straight to the model was open for every model..just that vodka made sure no one used the hall whenever she was there..that was about to change..
I wore the mini laced gown I had sewed..pick my yellow hand bag and high laced gold yellow shoe..and with confidence I bounced into the is where the battle begins..
To be continued