Caught In The Moment-Episode 17


I hesitated for a was smiling, I could notice her..God if this cloth gets into their hand they would surely find out that its not completed..
But then, I took a bold step and handed them the cloth.. The man sitting in the middle snatched it and inspected thoroughly.. He was smiling already.. But half way he frowned..ehen..I knew he had seen heart was beating against my chest..he was about to say something but madam Clara was quick to get to him and whispered something I didn’t understand
“You are not feeling well?..and that’s the reason you couldn’t finish the gown?”
Eh?..I looked over to madam clara who signalled me to play along
My swollen eyes was a proved the lie was indeed sweet..
“You do look sick..have you taken drugs?”
He pushed further..I nodded in response..he took a minute and then finally spoke out
“This gown is the best I have witnessed today..even if it wasn’t completed..and for the fact that you brought it this far despite your ailment..then my dear you deserve even more than a got a distinction”
I shouted for joy as everyone applauded..I know most of them didn’t want to applaud but they had no choice nah..
I could see vodka as she walked towards me after the competition ended..she had that rage in her eyes..i had to quicken my steps but she caught up with me and held me back with force..
“Don’tyou think this is over pig!”
I waited and stared at her for a while..if I reply this girl she might tear me to pieces..I attempted to walk past her again but she hurried to my front again..
“Oluwa which kind wahala be dis”
“Vodka please I don’t want trouble”
I spoke out and tried one last time to find my way but she wouldn’t let me..
“You think because madam Clara likes you..oh you just wait.. Or you think its Jeremy.. I promised I wouldn’t tell you but Jeremy and I had a bet that he would win you over within a week!..poor cheap seems I lost to him anyway”
What?!..I acted calm and did what every responsible young lady would do..I defended Jeremy..there was no way he would do that to me..madam Clara told me he confessed he loved me..and the kiss? I let him kiss me. Not because I wanted it..
Wait, he thinks because I let him kiss me I am cheap..or he got me? no..I waved it had dared me to meet her up in her room where Jeremy would meet her that night..and it was confirmed..I met Jeremy smooching vodka..