Caught In The Moment-Episode 16


I had to look for somewhere to sit first and accept the fact that what I am seeing was know that awkward moment when you don’t want to accept what you are seeing..but you know its real yet you don’t want to believe it. I stood up and picked up all the pieces I could reach..I had less than 33hours to the first stage of the competition, judging from the fact that it was late in the evening already..I knew there was only one person responsible.. Vodka.
No..I just can’t sit here and let her have her way..I got up and went thru my patterns..a tear fell from my eyes..I cleaned it is not the time to would take me forever to sew this gown again..I had been sewing it for weeks..but then..nothing is impossible if u put your mind to it..i sat and started sewing..I boiled a cup of coffee to keep me awake..but the sleep was strong sha. Anyway I overcame..I could here the sound of my machine reverberating in echoes when it was late in the night..when it was dawn I was half way close.. I picked up the buttons and some relevant pieces she had torn and put them back in place..
Time was against me now..the spectators had gathered at the table .and I could hear thru the the large speakers as the judges made their decision
“Bukky.. What are you still doing here”
God knows I wanted it to be Jeremy..but he wasn’t even here..for two days he has not seen me and he didn’t even bother to dial my number..
Wait..does he have my number?..oops! He doesn’t..but at least he should have checked my training room..
Clarise had rushed to me..
“I am almost done please pass me that button” she hurriedly passed it to me
“What happened pretty. Your eyes are all don’t look’ve not been sleeping?”
I nodded in affirmation..and explained how I met my gown torn to pieces..
“Oluwatoke bisola”
That’s my name..!
Clarise hastened me..but I had not weaved the left-hand side of the dress
“There is no time!”
Clarise snatched it from me and led me to the hall..All eyes turned to me..’Mehn I looked horrible but I no be today yanch dey back”
..I noticed clarise sneaked to inform madam Clara of my problem..
I told them the type of gown I sewed..the quality and the occasion it should be used for..I noticed Jeremy at the other end opposite madam Clara.. Vodka was standing beside him..I ignored when he tried to signal me to look at his direction..
“Bukky please bring the gown for inspection?”
OK nah..see wahala..