Caught In The Moment-Episode 15


I had a lot on my mind..I was restless..thank God Jeremy had allow me excuse myself while he talked with his mother..I didn’t know what my fate would be now..why did I allow him kiss me? Did I enjoy the kiss? Did I want it to end?..I touched my lips..something else flashed my mind..when I had called my mum..she had said something about David when I asked
“David?..David went to lagos a month after he lost his dad..I heard he is in the united States now”
My mom had informed me..David was in lagos and I didn’t come across him..well lagos is a big city mind trailed back to madam Clara..the main problem I had now..
Since the stage one of the competition is just two days away, I continued sewing my black mini-laced gown..I planned to match it up with a yellow hat, yellow bag, had a high class woven high shoe with the same yellow colour..
I had a heart sounded in my ears..mtcheeeww it was just clarise..what a relief..I breathe down..just that of all the good news clarise had always brought, she just had to bring a bad one this time
“Bukky, madam Clara wants to see you!”
God..I didn’t know how to get up from where I was unexplainable.. I have never been that scared of anything..
I would have run back when I got to the door post of her office..but clarise has eyes on me like that of an eagle..mtcheeww..this clarise self..
I entered and kept my head down..I was extremely timid.. I couldn’t look up to her face..
She called out as she stood up from her chair and paced round me.. I was using my cornered eye to pry at her o..this one that she is pacing round me..anything can happen and I don’t want to die..
“Jeremy is my son..and I don’t joke with him..I don’t joke with both my sons”
Both? They were two? Where is the other one?..a question I didn’t dare ask..but it seemed she noticed the frown on my face so she explained
“They are not of the same other son had chosen to stay with his father but he is back to point is..Jeremy has convinced me that he loves you..the only problem is when you hurt my son..I will hunt you”
She was at my back..mehn my spirit has refused to come back from the spirit land..surprisingly she touched me and laughed
“Dont just hurt my can go”
Eh? Just like that?
“Why are you still standing there..shuuhh”
I laughed..thanked her and hurried in joy back to my sewing machine..
But my Joy faded..the dress I was sewing had been torn to pieces..
To be continued