Caught In The Moment-Episode 14


“Hello mum”
I called my mum..its been a while..and I miss her so much
“Bisola?” Bisola?”
My mum was the only one that calls me by my full name..her voice sounded desperate
“Its me mum”
She burst into tears
“Bisola please come home I beg you.. Please”
I was quiet while she kept pleading..I had a lot of questions to about my dad? What about my younger sister? And of course David..
“Mum i am fine..I am perfectly fine..and I would come home soon”
I have been avoiding Jeremy but one faithful evening after our model lessons..I met him down the hall way.. There was no way I could turn back..he had spotted me I counted my steps timidly till we got close
“Good.. Good evening ..Sir”
I muttered and attempted to walk past him but he held my arm heart missed a bit..
“Bukky why are you avoiding me?”
He blurted out..I felt I would just hurt him by being close to him..but it seemed staying away hurt him more
He scoffed
” please drop the formality..I am Jeremy ”
I swallowed hard..
“OK sir..I mean Je…Jeremy.. Its just that I don’t know how to apologize for what I said the other day..I know I hurt you..but I didn’t mean to”
He was quiet..he drew me back to stand in front and face him..I couldn’t look at his face..God knows that if I had teleportation powers I would!!
He used his hand to touch my jaw and raised my head to meet his gaze..God! Was this guy seducing me?..
“Bukky..i was wrong..and I apologize right?”
I wanted to step backwards but I didn’t want him to feel bad..
“Yes but I shouldn’t have addressed you like didn’t do anything wrong..all you wanted was to make me happy..and I threw it at your face..for that I am deeply sorry”
An uncomfortable silence stood in between us..he was starring at me..I couldn’t shake off his legs were shaking..oh no! He was coming closer..reaching for my lips..
He muttered when I attempted to withdrew from him..
“God..which kind thing be dis”
I thought..I didn’t want to hurt him I lifted my head a little to let him have what he wanted..he was a breathe away..I was shivering seriously and then he touched my lips..a cold shock went down my spine. I didn’t kiss him back..I just allowed him enjoy the taste..I was about to let go..I was getting the passion..I parted my lips now and responded a little
Madam Clara called from behind spirit left my body.. Probably to the spirit world..I am in big trouble