Caught In The Moment-Episode 13


“Watch your step next time pig”
Vodka whispered to me and laughed off with her crew when I was safely behind the curtains..I should have known..
“Bukky are you OK?”
Madam Clara rushed to me..cupped my cheek..raised my eyelids with her finger to see my I had a fever..
“This wedge was removed and temporarily held with a plastic gum”
Jeremy explained when he had examined the shoe..I just kept quiet while they all mind was somewhere else..was with someone else..David..I remembered when he caught me when I had slipped back then at Christmas Carroll..and just the same exact word
“I got you pretty”
I wonder what he was up to now..was he ok? he still mad at me for leaving him stranded at the altar?..does he still love me?
preparation for the competition had started..we were supposed to sew a particular dress which would be considered by the board of directors.. Whoever is deem worthy would proceed to the next stage…now I had two and Jeremy..lemme start with Jeremy..he became too bossy..he made me do things even against my own wish..he would want me to snap pictures at the studio with him..go out to eat breakfast..lunch..dinner..
“Ahhhhh kilode!!
His advances towards me was to rapid that I doubted his intentions..maybe he just wants to see my pant and dump me..he is handsome anyway and I could see the way girls flocked around him like lost herds..
One day he took me out as usual..and while coming back he held my waist.. I felt uncomfortable with that but he was madam Clara’s son..I couldn’t shake his hand off but this is my body and he should respect that fact..I boldly removed his hand..he put it again..I removed it..
” is something wrong?”
I opened my mouth but I still considered madam Clara and reserved my comment
“No please tell me..I am making you feel uncomfortable?”
Hmm this guy is pushing me o..
“Please tell me”
“OK you wanna hear..i don’t like the way you touch me like I am your property.. I don’t like the way you boss me around! I am not your puppet..I have my desires. Not everything should be your way..!”
He was surprisingly calm and quiet..I noticed he was hurt
“I thought you enjoyed every single moment with me”
He blurted out..I scoffed
“I used to but you tell me what to eat..what to wear..and you even insist even when I don’t want to”
He took a step backwards..
“Am sorry”
He left..oops I didn’t mean to hurt him..but he begged me to talk nah..Is it my fault?