Caught In The Moment-Episode 12


I took a deep breathe and inhaled deeply to calm my nerves and accept the fact that a man was touching me and was too close to me..I inhaled his scent..and slowly I began to let go..I laughed when he made a face..the photographer exclaimed and quickly took the shot
“What a beauty he commented”
Jeremy held my waist to his g—n and bend to meet my face..I didn’t know if he wanted to kiss me but I wasn’t ready to find out so I threw my head backwards to avoid that
The photographer exclaimed again..
Really?! I was shocked when I saw the pictures..they were magnificent! And all I just did was try to escape all Jeremy’s advances..
“You come here”
I came across vodka the devil on my way back to my training room..maybe she thinks I am still a cleaner..I ignored and attempted to walk past her but she caught my arm
“Lemme make this straight to you pig..stay off jeremy! Don’t you think because you now have this temporal glory you think you have it all..remember you were once a cleaner”
I kept quiet till she finished her ranting..and then I offered a smile
“In everything you…
It was the first time I called her by name..I could see the shock on her face..
” I loved the part where you said I was once a cleaner..once..but not anymore..and the throne you sit on now..would soon be someone else’s”
I released my arm from her was the first time I got her speechless.. God it felt so good as I walked away with that victory smile..but now I need to watch out because I just threw a challenge right?
In one month I was ready..I proved it when madam Clara watch me do everything a model is to do..I even insisted I do my own make up and she agreed to it..
I was enlisted to perform in a fashion parade to show case our type of clothes for sale..this was my first time..I quickly got an iphone that has good camera quality..I gave clarise to take the shot for me when I marched in..I was putting on a black sparkling gown with a black Italian high heels..we all stayed in was at front. she kept smiling and whispering to her got to my turn..Jeremy was to come out next..and so I marched out..but i felt the shoe I was putting on was shaky..oh no!..I managed myself but when I was marching back the wedge pulled would have been hell but Jeremy caught me as my hair flew backwards..the audience roared with applauds thinking it was one style like that
“I got you pretty”
Immediately I remembered David..