Caught In The Moment-Episode 11


I am going to be a model?! I was still trying to conserve the joy I felt..I felt like calling my mum..but I had no phone I miss her..this was going to be sweet..or so I thought until clarise started her cat-walk training session..she always said
“Keep up a smile when needed and a proud face as wanted”
A mystery I thought
And so the high heels came..when I saw the shoes..these ones where higher heels, my eyes widened
“I am going to wear these?”
I gasped in surprise
“Of would even learn to run with them”
I laughed in unison with clarise..although I silently wished in my heart that she didn’t really mean that I would run in these shoes.
“Nah die be that”
For weeks I remained in training apartment..ever
ything I needed was available at my request..I know madam Clara estimated two months..but i planned to be ready in few weeks..soon I could cat-walk so well that clarise would hug and peck me..I could carry my shoulder high..and walk with my own style.. I was making rapid progress..I didn’t stop sewing and drawing out my patterns..all the dress I wore,I drew and sew it out myself..madam Clara took one and made a hundred to sell..the sales was great and people started booking down..and then I got my first salary and share of the profit made from the dress I sew..250thousand naira..Jesus.. What do I do with all these money..madam Clara opened up an account for me..I took part time in lagos state university..
There was just one little issue was prince charming
“Bukky come with me”
He called out to me as I attempted to enter my training usual I tailed from behind..observing a very conservative distance..
“Bukky THE DAILY SUN wants a cover for their couple magazine..despite my reservations that you are not ready yet Jeremy has insisted he wants you for the photo instead of vodka..can you do it?”
I was quiet and starred at both madam Clara and Jeremy..I don’t trust this Jeremy
“I can’t…
Before I could drop the word Jeremy concluded
” she can do it”
And so I was transformed into a pink stylish gown and within minutes we were in the studio
“You’re beautiful bukky”
I took a step backwards but Jeremy drew me back and kissed my cheek, his lips sent shivers down my spine, I didn’t know if I was scared, but I knew I was attracted to him at that moment..the photographer was smart and took the shot..i was shivering
“Hey..look at me..its just you and me”
His voice was calm and caressing