Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 30


​Mark, Sam and I went to the police hospital the following day. Rodelio was reported dead. We asked the police to let us bury his carcass, with the help of officer Murdock, our request was granted. Rodelio’s body was washed and prepared for burial by the mortuary attendants. His family were informed, by the police about his death. We buried him in a public burial ground the evening of that same day. 
Rodelio’s mum: (with teary eyes) my appology for any hurt he may have caused you. 
Mark: don’t work yourself up ma’am, he got exactly what he deserved……. 
Samuel: he that killed by the sword hath died by the sword. 
Me: we would be on our way now……. 
****RODELIO; in the grave****** The function of the pill he took expired exactly after 72hrs. Rodelio opened his eyes weakly. He had expected to find himself in a garbage dump of some sort. But instead he was in a very scant-spaced ‘container’ clad in a white linen, with white handgloves and socks,,,, he could hardly move an arm. It then dawned on him he was in a casket damñ it! The casket was so air-tight, he couldn’t breath an ounce of air. He kept gasping and fighting for even a little amount of oxygen, all his efforts proved abortive. He laid back helpless and hopeless as his life was slowly drained off right under his nose! All his screams for help failed to pay off, his voice never escaped a feet let alone six feets to the burial ground.
 His past came to him in flashes. He recalled how he joined the gang in high school grade-12, how he fought his way to the top and finally succeeded his deceased boss, he recalled the great hurts and sufferings he caused lot of people……………. Rodelio kept bouncing his head up and down the confines of the casket. The little air in his system were already used up. “haaaaaaaa” he breathed his last into another realm, a realm of eternity- he died a painfull death. His ammunitions couldn’t save him, his men, his doctors and others were not there to rescue him from the cruel arms of death!!!!! 
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The court case had been compeletly closed. We are now left with no problems to deal with. Ella’s parent were now living together happily, Ella was also absorbed back to her work as a radio presenter. We were gradually preparing for another wedding but this time it would be on a low key – the priest, our families and a few friends. Ella had been having feverish conditions over the last two days. We visited our (the Guidottis) family doctor in Manila, where different tests were ran on her. We came for the test result the day following our first visit. 
Doctor: congratulations Mr. Isaiah, you are now a daddy!!!! 
Me: are you serious? Whoa whoa. 
Doctor: of cours i am! Here is the test result, Ella is two weeks pregnant!!!! 
Ella: hmmmm 
Me: thank you doc,,,,,thanks! We left the hospital, I was on top of the moon, Ella didn’t seem happy. 
Me: Ella? Whats wrong, you are supposed to be happy right? 
Ella: yeah i know,,,,but…… 
Me: but what? 
Ella: you see, i was raped by Rodelio roughly two weeks ago, am not certain who the father of my baby is, between you two. 
Me: that båstard!!! …..he is dead already, it doesn’t matter who the father is, whats more important is that we are together now, and we love each other. 
Ella: yes……i’m just too curious…..we can test the embrayo right???
 Me: what! Isn’t that a little too risky? 
Ella: no its not. 
Me: if you really want that then fine…….
 We went back to the hospital where Ella was admitted for hours, the doctor succeeded in getting a specimen from the baby, using somd high-tech xray equipment. 
Two days later we returned for the DNA result. Ella got hold of the result first. She stared into it so intently that i could hardly make a meaning out of her facial expression. 
Me: what is the result saying? 
Ella: ………..*tears* . . . . . . . . . .