Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 19


Nikky: dad?! You’ar supposed to be a police commissioner who fights for justice. 
Angelo: stay out of this and do as i say. 
Nikky: stay out of this? If you want me to stay out of this, then don’t use my name to fight your selfish course. For god sake whats the beef between you and them? 
Angelo: how dare you speak to me in such a manner? Am still your father, remember that!!! She scoffed and left for Isaiah’s place.
 Nikky: Isaiah!!!!! 
Me: hey Nikky, thanks for the timely intervention, you’ar such an angel. 
Nikky: (smile) i’m glad to have put a smile across your lips. 
Mylawer: er…..sorry to interrupt,,,,,Nikky, you did well, we really appreciate it. Hope you gonna stand by us, even in the next two or three minutes? 
Nikky: my pleasure…… 
Mum: does it mean my son have a hope of not being sentenced to jail?
 Mylawyer: a big hope, if Nikky testifies then the case would be automatically closed, except for the prison break which is a more minor case compared to murder.
 Dad: thanks Nikky, you’ar such a kind hearted young woman. 
Nikky: (can’t help smiling) its nothing sir…… 
Lawyer: five minutes are over, time to go!!!
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 Soon the court was in order, like no break was ever observed. The proceedings begun. The judge asked Nikky a couple of questions which she answered perfectly. The case was closed and my lawyer appealled for my bail which was granted without hesitation. Angelo burnt with rage as he watched the judge pass his final verdict. Guidotti had won again, first it was in the polls and now in the court. He had this way of tarnishing his image in the public. Now what would the papers report? That his own daughter made some statements that cost him the case? Aaaaaaarrrrh. He was greatly pissed with his daughter’s stupidity. He walked to Guidotti who was stood at the hallway, all smiles. 
Angelo: you won again, i assure you, this is the last you’d ever win me! I promise you that,,,,, You have bitten more than you can chew, i advice you get more tooth hahahahahaha. 
Guidotti: …….*scoffs*
 Isabella: this calls for celebration!!!! 
Mum: of course, party girl, we gonna have a family party tonight!
 Nikky: i’m i invited?
 Me: yesssss….. Isabella drove with Nikky while i drove dad and mum. In a matter of minutes, we arrived my residence. Hmmmm its been a while, don’t you think?
 Isabella: Nikky and I would get everything organized okay? Just watch us. 
Nikky:…no…no….no, Isaiah would do the cooking. 
Me: what?! 
Mum: his food taste so horrible!!! 
Isabella: you two would do it then. 
Guidotti: i’m joining the cooking team!!! 
Isabella & I: dad????
 Nikky: mayor? 
Dad: whats with the surprise? Think i can’t cook? I was once a chef. 
Isabella: just don’t make the food taste sour!!!
 Dad: your mum here knows me too well, i won her heart with a plate of food! Right honey? 
Mum: i complimented your dishes then because i had a crush on you, truth is they taste no better than dog supper hahahahaha.
 Isabella: sweet memories! Dad, i wanna drive your car, can i get the keys?
 Dad: don’t make my bonnet kiss a log, if you do, you’ar dead!
 Isabella: hahahahaha i’m not a baby driver. 
They got into the car, while Isabella drove. Heading to the mall to get neon lights, drinks and alot more. Half into their ride, their car had a collision with another car. They both alighted to render appology because the fault was Isabella’s. The owner of the car also stepped out. 
Car owner: Nikky? 
Nikky: Rodelio? 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉