Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 18


****30minutes earlier***
 Nikky just woke up from sleep, she over slept today, her night was full of bad dreams and omens. Perhaps it because she was discharged from the hospital only yesterday. She stole a glance at her wall clock, it was 9:15am what!!! She haven’t slept that much in a while. She dragged herself to the bathroom, did her morning hygiene and located the kitchen where she made some hot coffee for herself, before retiring to the couch in the sitting room, she sat legs crossed, gulping her drink steadily. “morning mum” Nenita greeted, jolting her from her world of thoughts.
 Nikky: hey dear!!! You’ar awake.
 Nenita: actually i’ve been up for hours, when you were snoring hahahahaha. 
Nikky: so where were you?
 Nenita: i was out, playing with biggie. 
Nikky: hmmmm someone has a pet and i have none #funny face.
 Nenita: c’mon mum, whose pet am i then? 
Nikky: momma’s pet!!! You haven’t given me a good morning peck! 
Nenita: mmhuuaaa. 
Nikky: on my cheek not in the air! 
Nenita: hahahahaha. 
Nikky: you woke up before mummy today,,,, where is everyone? 
Nenita: (shaking her head) i won’t tell you! 
Nikky: if you don’t then i won’t take you to the park as i promised. 
Nenita: its a secret okay?….granpa ask me not to tell you,,,,,they all went to a….er.. Whats that word again?..ah….a… c…court yes a court. 
Nikky: a court? What for? 
Nenita: i don’t know! You might wanna ask Lana, i caught her eavesdropping on grandpa’s conversation yesterday. 
Nikky: get her for me. 
Nenita: no mum, you go. 
Nikky: aawww my daughter now disobeys? 
Nenita: not that, oouuch my legs hurt. 
Nikky: pretender! She left for Lana’s room but met her in the hallway….. 
Lana: morning sis. 
Nikky: hope you slept well? What are mum and dad doing in the court? 
Lana: i overheard them saying something like a lawsuit against one mister….mister….i don’t know,,,,for hurting you. 
Nikky: mister Isaiah? 
Lana: yes Isaiah. 
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Nikky: oh my God! It can’t be. She ran to her room and got clad in a more presentable dress, grabbed her car keys and drove as fast as her wheels could take her, to the state court. She pulled over in the parking lot and found her way to the entrance of the court room. On the verge of entering the court, she heard a thud, her instincts told her it was the jugde’s gavel. “nooooo” she screamed half-uncounsciously. Her scream attracted some attention, including that of Justice Lagard, who had passed his judgement but haven’t did the costumary sealing, by hitting the gavel, his hand hanged mid-air. 
Nikky: wait please, i’m here to testify for the case, i’m Nikky, the supposed victim, i don’t know what you’ve been told, but its only proper you hear from the horse’s mouth. I slipped off, Isaiah had no hand in this, please believe me. 
you can’t possibly imagine the depth of relieve i felt at that moment. Let me bring you in, imagine your self in the deepest part of indian ocean, with a heavy rock tied to your chest, how would you feel, should the rock be rolled up and a robe throwed for you to catch? Relieved right?????
 Fred: my lord, i request five minutes to speak with my clients. 
Judge: granted! Nikky and her dad left for the hallway, while i was also relieved of my (no not mine) cuff. I was greeted by the happy faces of my family. Isabella ran and hugged my tightly like an alternative skin. I was gasping!!!! 
Me: Isai, let go. 
Isabella: no i won’t i was scared i wouldn’t be doing this in 15years.
 Me: nobody said i was free yet. 
 Angelo: who told you about….no, why did you say that? 
Nikky: i only did what needed to be done.
 Angelo: this is more than you think, its a family fight i must win this and you dare not interfare, now i need you to go in there and say whatever you must say that would make me win against the Guidottis, have i made myself clear?