Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 20


Nikky: Rodelio?
 Rodelio: thought would have died long ago! 
Nikky: glad to disappoint you. 
Isabella: everything okay over there? 
Nikky: yeah, lets go. They got into the car and drove off leaving Rodelio awed, he wasn’t able to implicate Isaiah using her life, anyway, Ella is with him.
 😉 😉 😉 😉 
i haven’t seen dad this happy in a long while. The way he went about grating the spices, acting zany and dancing to the hip pop music resonating from his hollow MP3, it was completely amazing!!! I wished my joy was complete. Of course i’m glad to be free for good, albeit i have only one wish, that i see Ella in the nearest future. Nikky’s new attitude is kinda strange, last i remember, she wasn’t this friendly. Perhaps the hospital walls suckèd up those feelings from her.
 Me: easy dad, you might just slice your finger instead of the onion!!! Why don’t you use the grater?
 Dad: in our own days, there was nothing like graters, we use human efforts and guess what! our meals taste more delicious. 
Me: do you also dance while cooking, in your days? 
Mum: they dance to the music of rodents hahahaha. 
Dad: what was that? You’ar so in for it!!! They started running in circles like teenagers, good thing the kitchen was well spaced. Isabella and Nikky arrived, they came with drinks and some colorful lights and fireworks. Soon the meal was ready, white rice with lot of tasty crunchy spices. Pork graced the dish and drinks were an addition to the unending meriment. We had a swell time and everything was over, after about an hour. 
Me: Nikky can we talk in the garden? 
Isabella: can i join? 
Me: go to bed!!!! She wore a baby face and turned to leave. 
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Nikky and I each sat on the two available chairs in the garden, the graceful gloomy rays from the moon was our source of light. The evening breeze was cool and cozy, showering comfort on every living being within the vicinity. 
Nikky: your house looks nothing short of a santa clause residence (smile). 
Me: thumbs up to Isabella and you…..hey how did you know about the court case? I mean you were in the hospital right? 
Nikky: i was discharged yesterday, i learnt about the case only today. 
Me: thanks for standing by me, against your family, you’ar such a good friend. 
Nikky: do you know dad got mad at me for that? 
Me: really, he did? Sorry you have to go through that for my sake.
 Nikky: sometimes i wonder why our families are suddenly at loggerheads. 
Me: me too,,,,perhaps our parents have unsettled scores.
 Nikky: i have to go now! I’m missing Nenita already. the name ‘Nenita’ seem to pierce my heart, thats another problem, lurking around the corner. why the change in countenance? You don’t want me to go?
 Me: Nenita….uh….i did a DNA test….. 
Nikky: what was the result? Positive i guess! That result isn’t the real one- Nenita is not your child!
 Me: what?! 
Nikky: yes i know you’ar confused and want to hear the whole truth, but not today. 
Me: please don’t kill me with curiousity, telle me everything today….wait a sec, how sure am i that you aint making a fool out of me? 
Nikky: do you think i’d lie to you? My daughter is involved here! Meet me at home tomorrow by 4pm, i’d tell you all there is to know, including where Ella is been kept. 
Me: wow i can’t wait. . . . .