Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 14


****Few days ago*** 
Doctor Allen regained his strength after the power draining encounter with Isaiah. He can’t let Isaiah go with this! No he can’t just watch Isaiah cheat him. Rodelio once told him they were at loggerheads. This could be the perfect opportunity to get back at Isaiah. He staggered to his seat after dusting grims off his cloth. He searched through his phone hoping to find Rodelio’s contact. Alas! He did after minutes of thorough search. He phoned Rodelio, telling him of his encounter with Isaiah. Rodelio invited him over, and he agreed to give a description of what the new Isaiah looked like only when he recieve a check of 1million. Rodelio obliged instantly and they both went to a drawing and painting artist who was able to draw the new looks of Isaiah from the description Allen gave.
 Rodelio uploaded a snapshot of the pic on their secret website so his men would easily get Isaiah then hand him over to the cops. Apart from him, only 15 of his men knew of the website, the website contains details of all their deals and next lines of action. Not everybody have access to it, its protected by a very difficult to decipher 25-digits password 
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Days passed by yet no positive news about Ella. Sometimes i wonder if getting out of jail have earned me anything. I was hoping i’d meet Ella as soon as i was out. Its only now i realised how much of a shallow thinker i was. I had greater peace being in jail than staying in this hell of a house with no phone conversation, no free movements! All wrapped in the fear of being caught. As usual, i’m all alone. Samuel left early this morning, he went to er….. I don’t remember where he mentioned earlier. I felt like going out today, to the canteen. Have some fun before returning, afterall i still have my ‘camouflage’ who would know its me? I took the bike and rode to a nearby canteen. I ordered for fishballs and orange squash, the two taste great together. Soon the waiter delivered my order…… 
A member of Rodelio top 15 was buying snacks in a canteen when his sight caught a face that looked more of the ‘new Isaiah’ he rescanned his phone’ gallery just to make sure the face matches with the picture his boss posted on their site. Hell yeah! It was a good match. 
**on the phone**
 Gangmember: Isaiah Guidotti in sight, boss. 
Rodelio: good job! Keep a tab on him, he’d push him to the cops hahahahaha. 
Gangmember: yes boss……. 
I ate and drink to my satisfaction! I paid and left. While on the bike, i notice a power bike following me. The rider was all reds. I increased my speed more than normal and so did the rider. I shouldn’t be scared of someone i didn’t know, perhabs he wasn’t following me so i slowed down. And finally alighted, i got taken aback when he also alighted. 
Me: are you following me? 
Rider: (speaking throw the helmet) are you asking me that? Don’t you know you’ar wanted? 
Me: who sent you? 
Rider: this……. He meant to punch me, i held his hand and twisted it, a rough fight ensued. I felt overpowered so i took my bike to leave, when a police van showed from nowhere. Before i could say Jack Robinson. Many officers corked their guns, all pointing to me.
 Officer: You think you’ar smart huh? Get in the god damñ car!!!!
 😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉