Broken Seal Season 2~Episide 13


Angelo drove both Nenita and Lana to “Summit memorial school” he had Nenita enrolled in grade 4, same as Lana. She was given all the school wears, necessary writing materials and a prospectus. 
Angelo: okay kids, daddy have to go now. No fighting okay? You both are sisters you shouldn’t pick on each other, especially you, Lana. 
Lana: i’ve heard you dad, we’d just be the perfect sisters you want us to be, right Neni? 
Nenita: hmmmn-hummn.
 Angelo: see? Its so easy getting along. Won’t you kids give me a good bye kiss? ….mhuuah….mhuaaa they pecked him one after the other, before waving him goodbye. 
Lana: hey where are you going? Take my books will you? 
Nenita: but i’m also holding mine!
 Lana: i don’t care!….. Do as i say!!! 
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Ella woke up with a heavy headache, her whole body ached. She wish she had escaped earlier! Gosh she’s now back to Rodelio’s prison. She regretted ever having something to do with that bastård. She managed to get her åss off the bed, she meant to open the door, perhabs she would succeed this escape attempt. Unfortunately the door was locked. She collapsed on her bed in frustration. Hot tears flowed freely from her green eyes. “common girl there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, don’t let this get into you…yes yes be strong, fight till the very end” she tried encouraging herself as she wept bitterly. 
She got up all of a sudden, walked to the bathroom and washed her face, she wouldn’t cry anymore, the best she’d do now is to be strong. She returned from the bathroom only to meet Rodelio seating on the bed. He wore this happy expression. 
Rodelio: heeey! Aren’t you happy to see me? 
Ella: what do you want? 
Rodelio: that sounds rude…anyway i’ve got good news!
 Ella:(scoffs) from hell?
 Rodelio: look at these papers! I just got us an international passport! We’d be travelling to canada by next week. There we’d start a new life, just us -me and you. 
Ella: you jerk! You’ve got some nerves huh? 
Rodelio: thats why you love me right? 
Ella: you think i’d thank you and start falling in love with you simply because you got me an international passport? I’m going no where! Let me be. 
Rodelio: we are going to canada period!!!! 
Ella: are you forcing me? Thats not love, Know what they call that? Its called human trafficking! You’d pay for all your crimes, i promise you that!!! 
Rodelio: you use to love me, we use to confess our love for each other, what happened to your love promises? What happened to the moments we shared together? Don’t they mean anything to you? 
Ella: yes i loved you! But you never reciprocated my love, what did you do instead? You went about lying to me. Is that how to love? You love with secrets? No Rodelio. No.
Rodelio: you trust Isaiah more than me? Are you aware that he’s hiding something important from you? Do you know Isaiah had a child with Nikky? Now tell me, is that the kind of person you should choose over me? 
Ella: child? You aren’t serious are you? 
Rodelio: i’m more than serious. Didn’t you notice his strange behaviours ever since Nikky came into your lives? Rodelio’s word took Ella aback! Yes she noticed the changed in attitude in Isaiah from the period Nikky came into the picture. She remembered his change of countenance anytime she brings any topic concerning Nikky. 
Ella: noooo how could he be keeping me in the dark all these while!
 Rodelio: he made a fool out of you, think about it.
 😉 😉 To be continued 😉