Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 12


Me: positive or negative? 
Mark: congratulation, you’ar now a father. 
Samuel: seriously, i was thinking Nikky didn’t mean it when she said you were Nenita’s biological father! 
Me: let that be for now! Important things first….what do we do about Rodelio’s threat? 
Mark: you mean? 
Me: the one concerning Nikky. 
Mark: sam and I would have that taken care of. 
Me: you? 
Mark: yeah, i’d use some of my threat skills.
 Samuel: i’m lost here. 
Mark: sorry guys for not telling you, you know its not our thing…..i use to work with a private security company in florida, until i got a burn notice. 
Me: wooow feels great to have guys like you as friends.
 Both: hahahahahahahaha 
😉 😉 😉 😉
 Angelo was out in the garden with Nenita and Lana, his youngest daughter. They were watering the flowers, a part of their usual morning exercise. Biggie, their rottweiler came barking. Biggie held a piece of paper with his teeth. Angelo knew something important was up, ‘coz biggie was a security dog, trained by the philippine institute of science. The dog dropped the piece of paper at Angelo’s foot before wagging its tail and leaving. Angelo open the piece of paper, just as he envisaged, there was a write up in red. It reads……
 “get ready to bury your daughter, Angelo. She won’t make it out alive” as a police commissioner, this isn’t the first time he’s getting threat letters. None have ever been directed at his family, this got him greatly worried. He resolved to put everything in place to make sure the security of Nikky is guaranteed. He knew the letter was definitely from Isaiah. More because the threat came in the period of his escape out of prison. This increased his quest to see Isaiah re-captured and watch him rot in jail.
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 *on thd phone*
 Angelo: I want you to intensify your search for Isaiah Guidotti! I believe he’s hiding somewhere close, i just recieved a threat letter from him! 
Police chief: consider it done sir. 
Angelo: good. 
*hung up*
 Lana: dad? Can we go now? The morning sun is scorching!!!
 Nenita: common Lana, we haven’t watered those flowers over there, besides the sun is just rising. 
Lana: you shut up okay? Only people from the slums know how comfortable the morning sun is! 
Nenita: i was only….. 
Lana: shut up! Are you trying to impress daddy so he’d say you’ar the better child? So you’d win his trust? You have no place here! Go back to the slums where you belong. Nenita don’t know why this ‘age bracket aunty’ of hers hate her this much. She’d always seize every opportunity to insult her. 
Lana: what? You can’t speak again? Feigning gentle huh? So melo dramatic, gross!!! 
Angelo: what are you both up to? Lets go home! 
Lana: dad, she…
 Angelo: i said lets go! And i don’t want to ever see you both exchanging words, especially now that you both would be in the same class, starting from next week. have i made my self clear?
 Nenita: yes dad.
 Lana: mtcheeew, i can’t be in the same school with her! 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉