Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 11


Samuel: you woke up so early! going somewhere? 
Me: uhm…yep, i’d be paying the hospital a visit. I want to get the DNA test result! 
Samuel: just be careful okay? Your name and picture is all over Manila, you’ar wanted!!!
 Me: i’d be careful. 
Samuel: you can’t keep wearing the pizza wear! I bought some clothes, artificial hair and moustache for you. Get in them, hahahahahahaha lets see our new old man. 
Me: i’d still look handsome in it!!! 
Samuel: the prove of a pudding is in the eating! I got myself clad in a blue jean trouser and a white t-shirt. With my artificial moustache, i looked d–n old! Like a forty years old. 
Me: gotta go now. 
Samuel: be careful! Meet me at Mark’s residence. 
Me: got it! I took my bike and rode straight the the hospital i gave the DNA test specimen. On reaching there, i went to the doctor’s office.
 Doc: good day sir…please seat. 
Me: i came for my DNA test result!
 Doc: sorry sir, but i can’t remember ever meeting you. I detached the moustache and artificial hair, so the doc can identify me.
 Doc: Jeeeez! Isaiah? You were supposed to be in jail! 
Me: can i have the result now? 
Doc: (in his thoughts) This is a great opportunity on a platter of gold! The authorities are ready to give 3million peso to anyone thats brings Isaiah to them. Meehn! Opportunity comes but once! I gotta seize this opportunity to get rich. 
Me: what are you waiting for?! I don’t have the luxury of time. 
Doc: i’d get it. He replied and walked to a shelve full of papers. He turned swiftly, with a small knife in his left hand. He tried stabbing me with it, but i dodged by whiskers, moving backward rapidly. He swerved his hand, maneauvering the knife to my stomach, i held his hand mid-air and punched him on the cheek. I twisted the hand with a knife, the knife fell off his hand. I picked up the knife instantly. 
Me: i’m sparing you ‘coz we have unfinished business! Where is the result?!! (i shouted) 
Doc: (in a shaky voice) over there. I held him by the collar, he gave me the result, i then pushed him hard against the wall before taking my leave. Not after camouflaging!
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Mark: how does it feel to be a free man? 
Me: unexplainable! It feels like a was born a new hahahahahaha.
 Samuel: so, Mark….what do you suggest we do about Rodelio and Ella?
 Mark: we have no lead for now! What we need do is watch his movements and follow him if possible, perhabs he’d lead us to where he’s hiding Ella. 
Samuel: that guy is a real crook! He leaves no traces. 
Mark: snails always leave slimes behind, we only fail to notice atimes. 
Samuel: that reminds me, Isaiah, whats the DNA result saying? 
Me: i haven’t check it, i’m nervous! 
Mark: (snatching it from my hand) even if you don’t check it for the next hundred years, would it change anything? 
Samuel: lets see it, Mark! 
Mark: what!!!! 
Me: positive or negative? 😉 😉
 To be continued 😉 😉