Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 10


Samuel was led to one of the police cars, which had three officers in it, while two other police cars followed. He sat in the middle, with two officers by his right and left respectively. The officer by his left looked somewhat familiar, he tried hard to recall where he met the face before. Yeah! He managed to recall a scene from his college days……
 Samuel was on his way to the lecture room at exactly 9pm – that was his usual reading time. When he heard muffled groans coming from a long time abandoned class. To satisfy his curiousity, he changed his course to the dilapidated class room. The hall was dark except for his bright torchlight. A younglady sat on the floor with both hands and legs tied with a strong fibric material. She was wincing in pain. She screamed upon seeing him.
 Samuel: (his index finger across his lips) sssshh i won’t hurt you….what happened? 
Lady: she opened her mouth but words were far from her tongue. 
Samuel: its okay, lets untie you! He untied her hands and leg, when he was about taking her out, a coarse voice echoed from behind…. 
Voice: what do you think you’ar doing? Let go of her and get the hell outta here! You’ve got three seconds. 
Samuel: lets go ahead and assume the three seconds have passed. 
Voice: how dare you piss me?! He shot at samuel. Samuel dodged by whiskers. He (samuel) managed to carry the lady and they ran out. The kidnapper kept shooting but no bullet hit them. The following morning samuel took the lady to her brother, under her request. 
Jim: thanks for saving my little sis, i’d never forget this. I owe you one man. 
Samuel: my pleasure…… 
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 Samuel: (whispering) officer Jim? Its me Samuel, the saviour of your kid sis!
 Jim: yeah! 
Samuel: you owed me one, i want it now! (in a whisper) 
Jim: (still whispering) what a perfect art of fate! Sure, have this… 
He gave samuel a tiny, silver coated piece of metal. Which samuel used in unlocking the cuff. He grabbed the head of the other officer, whose thoughts were far away. He twisted the head till it made a creak sound. Officer Jim shot the driver on his head. Then finished his colleague whose head Samuel twisted. The car was moving zizag, since no one was on the wheels 
Jim: take this gun with you, crawl out of the car and have your freedom, i know what to tell my superiors. 
Samuel: thanks alot… 
Jim: see it as a debt payback from me…go now! Remember, other cops are behind us……. He rolled out, shooting at intervals, till he got lost in a light forest. 
😉 😉 😉 😉 
Samuel arrived home quite late, he explained what he went through, i honestly felt sorry for him, he had to go through all these for my sake!!! He’s a very good friend! 
Samuel: the knife is hot, take this bullet off my skin already. 
Me: i’ve not done this before, i may end up hurting you! 
Samuel: hahahahahaha newbie! Just do it slowly, just see me as an enemy, for now. That way, you’d have the courage to pierce my skin. 
Me: are you sure it would work?
 Samuel: why not give it a try? 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉