Ada's Dream; A Short Story By Petesunday


Throughout her time in New York, Ada never forgot the guy that had kissed her at the party. She could still remember his well sculptured face and his haunting eyes; piercing eyes that seemed to have their own touch. How could she forget such a person? How could she forget such a kiss? It didn’t seem real; it was like something that happens when someone is under a spell. The more she tried to erase him from her memory, the more she kept remembering him. Yet, she wondered what is so special about someone she happened to meet on board a plane and became acquainted with. Well, what was special was that she had allowed him kiss her on a first date. Just a brief encounter and the effect still lingered on like the after smell of a strong fragrance. But when she remembered how it felt when he gazed upon her, his delicious lips exploring her expectant mouth, she knew why. Maybe she was just being over reactive; a product of some hormones that might have been dormant for a long time, but now were suddenly being excessively secreted. Yes! It has to be chemical. She had not been intimate with any man for a long time since her break up with Bayo. Maybe it was natural to be reacting to an association with the opposite s-x the way she was doing now, considering that she had been out of touch for a long time. Though she knew this was not a viable explanation for what was happening to her, it served as a kind of assurance that she was still normal and nothing strange was happening. Perhaps he had seduced her. The food was nice, she could remember, but the wine had tasted even better. The wine had made her drunk but it was his eyes that had made her weak and susceptible to his charms.

They had eaten in silence. She was afraid she would say the wrong thing. After the meal, he had stood up and eyed her with a mischievous grin.

Shall we dance?” He requested.

She had offered a weak resistance initially but he had persuaded her. He had led her to the dance floor while she followed like a sheep. They had danced slowly, close to each other, feeling the rhythm of each other’s heart. She had inhaled the fragrance from his body; sweet like the scent of roses. She had felt comfortable having him close, so close she could feel his breathe. Then he had shattered the blissful silence with the prodding statement;

“Ada, tell me about your life.”

There and then, she had trusted him and thrown caution to the winds. She had told him everything about herself; her family, her education, her past relationships, her heartbreaks and sweet moments. He had held her close with her head lying close to his chest and spoken soothing words into her ears. With deep, sad eyes, he had beckoned on her to bare all, to allow him share in her sorrow and help sooth her pain. She had trusted him more, deciding to tell him all. She had told him about the lowest point in her life, the most painful heartbreak, the love that had almost killed her and what had brought her to New York. She told him about the biggest secret of her life, she told him about Bayo. He had listened all through without saying a word, yet his eyes had spoken louder. His hands had rocked her like a baby and consoled her. The memory of sorrow had brought back pain so intense she had shuddered. She had clung unto him as if he was a lifeline. He had held unto her as if he was there to save her. Then he had kissed her. The kiss had been brief at first. He lightly brushed his lips with hers. Then chemistry had set in. He had kissed her again as she felt herself melting into his arms. She had responded with equal fervour. She had tasted his lips, then his tongue, and it had all tasted sweet. She had felt her lines of defence crumbling. Somewhere at the bottom of her mind, something reminded her that she shouldn’t be doing this. But reason couldn’t prevail at that moment, not for her and not for him either. As they kissed, he had put a hand behind her to support her. They soon broke contact again as they sought to take breathe. Then the moment of reason had set in for her. As he brought his mouth close for a third kiss, she had mustered the last defence in her body and resisted. She had held her finger to his lips and shook her head to stop him.

“Please stop, we shouldn’t be doing this.” she said desperately.

The ride back home had been silent. She had scolded and chided herself for allowing it to happen. She had promised herself she would forget about him. She had not known how wrong she was until now. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized she couldn’t fulfil the promise. She had to see him one more time. She picked her wallet and brought out his complimentary card. She was going to surprise him this time. As she approached his house, she saw his favourite blue Porsche. But she also noticed a shiny, black Cadillac, parked close to his car. Perhaps he had a visitor. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door was opened and the sight that met her nearly shattered her heart. She found herself looking into the face of young woman around her age, wrapped in a towel. She was fair, pretty and sexy in a sophisticated way but she had on a cold, arrogant smile that made her affluent background obvious. She looked like someone that was used to getting what she wanted.

“Hello, who are you?” the lady asked her.

For a while, Ada just stared at her, at the towel wrapped around her body and the arrogant look in her eyes. Imaginations started flashing across her mind. She finally managed to mutter out something.

“I–I-am Ada. Pl–ease can I see Tunde” The lady smiled again and eyed her like one would eye a pestering insect. But she seemed to be enjoying her discomfort.

“Tunde is in the bathroom. I am Debbie, his girlfriend, I just moved in yesterday. You can come in”

Ada felt a tightening growing in her chest and the urge to cry grew in her. This was stark reality smacking her hard on the face.

 “No– there’s no need. Just tell him I checked.”

She took one last look at the lady and fled the house with tears welling in her eyes. She had come to tell him how she felt about him, hoping that he would somehow tell her he felt the same way. But she now realized that she had never been in his mind at all. Everything he did or said around her was just a fling for him. Probably she was just a break from boredom; something to keep him occupied before his gorgeous girlfriend arrived. How could she have fallen for that? How could she be so stupid? She went straight home and sat curled up on the sofa, trying very hard not to cry.


She lifted her head and saw him. She quickly wiped her tears as if she was embarrassed that he had caught her crying over him.

“You are all the same. You men are all the same; to you this is just a game.”

He moved closer.

“I can explain”

She shook her head slowly.

“Well, I knew from the beginning that it was all fantasy, it was too good to be true. But I started hoping against all logical reasoning until I had my heart crushed. I was so stupid to almost fall into the same trap, a second time.”

There were tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry.” he moved closer and tried to hold her. She jerked off his hand.

“Go back to your girlfriend. She is beautiful, sophisticated and—”

“And I don’t love her!” he yelled.

He held her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. His eyes suddenly became sad. The same eyes she had seen that night and fallen in love with.

“Ada I don’t love her, I never did. She was the cross I had to carry all my life.” his voice became solemn and sad. “I had to put up with her all these years because of family pressure. My family couldn’t accept my marrying any other person but her. But when I imagined how married life with her would be, all I saw was hell”

Ada started listening to him and suddenly she felt sorry for him. He continued.

“When my father fell sick, he made me the managing director of the family business and made me promise I would marry Debbie. I had no choice but to agree. I didn’t want to break his heart. Life became gloomy and dull. I took my mind off my troubles by living a carefree life. Then I came across the most precious thing I had ever wanted in my life and everything changed. I fell in love; I fell in love with you.”

He was looking directly into her eyes and the passion in his eyes was glaring. Ada took a deep breath. It seemed a huge weight has just been lifted off her. She looked into his eyes, they were filled with love. Finally, she was free, from all self-imposed barriers. She was in love with him and he was in love with her. That was all that mattered. With tears in her eyes, she flew into his arms.

“Oh I love you too, I love you. I was so scared of releasing my heart, but now it belongs to you.”

He held her in his arms and rocked her like a baby. He kissed her lightly on the forehead and she felt the whole world fading and all that mattered was that finally, she was in the hands of her love and nothing would change that. He kissed her on the mouth and it seemed she was alone with him in the whole world and every other thing was distant. She snuggled against him, tasting the full sweetness of his mouth. She didn’t want to let him go, even for a moment. She didn’t even want to breathe. But he released her lips and said to her with his usual mischeivious smile;

“You make me hungry.”

She winked and replied.

“Then eat me.”

She winked and replied.

“Then eat me.”

And he did eat her. He turned her body into a landscape of pleasure. With his touches, with his kisses, he made her body quiver and crave for more. Her body was a canvas and he was the artist. He took her close to heaven several times and brought her back. He kissed her everywhere imaginable. Slowly, patiently, he explored her body; kneading, kissing, caressing as she held him closer, her hunger increasing with every touch. He was a mathematician and she was his equation. As his lips roamed towards the centre of pleasure, she let out a low groan and pulled her head closer. She wanted to feel him down there. She longed for his tongue to connect with her wetness. When he finally spoke into her core, it was bliss. He was a musician and she was his musical instrument. She sang to the tune their music with her moans. The music he made with her body was too sweet, she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to possess him as he had posses her. Gently, deftly, she removed his cloths. Then she started kissing him all over. He was giddy with pleasure. When he could take it no more, he lifted her and proceeded into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, their bodies united as they held on to each other in bliss. Their clothes were on the floor. They tasted the sweetness of each other’s body as they made passionate love with utmost urgency. She felt him in her, so deep it penetrated into her core. Their lovemaking was music; it was pleasure, it was sheer bliss. As she climaxed, he reached out to her and whispered into her ear.

“Baby I love you.”

Minutes later, they lay side by side on the bed, their sated bodies gleaming under the bedroom light. She snuggled against him with satisfaction. He kissed her on the fore head.

“I wish we could be like this forever.” Her voice penetrated the blissful silence.

“We will be together forever, until death do us part.”

She looked into his eyes. “What do you mean?”

He smiled lightly as he played with her tousled hair.

“Let’s get married.”

She couldn’t say anything. The joy she felt in her heart was too big for words. She could only smile and nod her head. There would be problems, challenges but together they would overcome them and show the world that nothing could be stronger than love. For once in a long time, she felt a sense of awakening, of refreshing. As long as their love remained strong they would sail through the storm. He slept in her house that day. The following morning, he held her hand and led her out of the house.

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to my family to introduce you.”

“As what?”

“As my fiancée”

She laughed for the joy in her heart was abundant. He laughed too, for he had finally found the most precious thing he had ever wanted. This time nothing would come in between him and his love, not his background, not even family sentiments, for their love was beyond sentiments.

The End