Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 15


Samuel returned to the hideout at a about 8pm. Isaiah wasn’t in sight neither was the bike. This got some crazy thoughts creeping in him, he shoved them away instantly. 
*on the phone*
 samuel: Isabella, have you seen Isaiah lately? 
Isabella: nope…why? 
Samuel: never mind.
 Isabella: Nooo tell me!! 
Samuel: uh….i gotta catch some sleep. Talk to you tomorrow.
 *hung up*
 Angelo sat on a stool in Nikky’s ward. She was gradually responding to treatment and her health was fast recovering. The fall had affected some parts of her nervous system. Reason why her recovery was taking this much time. 
Nikky: (in a weak voice) hey dad!
 Angelo: Nikky!!!! 
Angelo: how are you feeling now? Better? Are you having any pains? Should i call the doctor?
 Nikky: common dad! I’m feeling alot more better. 
Angelo: (smile) i’m just worried about you. 
Nikky: dad have you heard from Isaiah? Have he been visiting?
 Angelo: no he haven’t, he probably ran away after putting you in this condition. 
Nikky: i don’t think he’d disappear just like that! Perhaps he’s busy with an out of town business. 
**phone rings**
 Angelo: excuse me…..yes? You’ve caught him? Nice job,,,nice! Now i want a heavy security around him, he shouldn’t move an inch out of cell, copy?,,,,,good. 
**hung up** 
Nikky: who is in jail? 
Angelo: some random fugitive. 
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 Teacher: morning class….. All the students stood up, it was mandatory to do so when greeting a teacher in ‘summit memorial’ 
All: good morning sir!!!! 
Teacher: you can have your seats, hope you all had a wonderful night and are ready for today’s lessons?
 A few: yes sir.
 Teacher: (walking about) good! In our last lesson, we learnt parts of speech. We’d be starting a new topic today, but before that, who can tell us what an interjection is? The whole class was dead silent, none of the kids seem to know the answer. Nenita do, but she didn’t feel like answering ‘coz it would only make Lana more mad at her. 
Teacher: if none of you can answer, then you’d each recieve two strokes of cane…jane get me my horse wipe!!! 
Nenita: sir….i’d like to attempt. 
Teacher: go on,,,maybe you would be able to save your friends. Nenita explained pretty well, to the satisfaction of their teacher. 
Teacher: woooow you did well, Neni. Ynu know what? I think you kids should learn from her, especially you, Lana. Shes your sister!!! The teacher delivered her lessons for the day and left. The moment she left half the class gathered around Nenita, using different words to thank her for saving their åss. Miss Davies, their teacher was a good punisher. Soon, Nenita made a whole lot of friends, to the jealousy of Lana. Lana was scared her dad would prefer Nenita to her because Nenita was the epitome of what her dad wanted her to be! The good grades, the hardwork and all fits perfectly into the Lana Angelo her dad had always wanted her to be. 
🙂 🙂 To be continued 🙂 🙂