Broken Seal ~Episode 39


The family driver was sent to pick Nikky up. Nikky took some luggages along with her. They (Nikky & Nenita) hopped into the car and the driver drove off.
 ? ? ? ?
 It was indeed a long ride, annoyingly boring, i drove for over three hours oouuch my arms hurt!!! We eventually arrived at our family house. Nothing about the mansion has changed, nothing look a day older than i left it. The brick-red paintings, rich garden, love shaped swimming pool, water fall and so on all reminded me of my years in cebu. 
Dad was having some sort of meeting in the conference room. Mum on the other hand was glad to see us, she couldn’t mask her smiles. 
Me: mum, meet Ella, my uhm……girlfriend. Ella, meet the best mum ever!!! Mum blushed perhaps because of the compliment. She gave Ella a warm welcome and soon they started chatting as if they’ve known each other for ages. I left them for my room. Nikky’s house stood erect, opposite ours. From my window, i could get a glimpse of a window in her room. That was one of our means of communication during our teenage years. The memories we shared together paid my mind a visit. What if she comes for sinulog? Would she come with Nenita? Have she told her parents about it yet? Are dad and mum aware of this? What if……….
 Ella: Isaiah? (she raised her voice) 
Me: er……uhm…..yeah? Why did you have to speak loud?
 Ella: I spoke but you didn’t reply, what were you thinking? 
Me: thinking? (fake smile) uh n….nothing, never mind…….uh….uh….eh you must be famished, lets get you something to it. 
Ella: (wearing a surprised expression) 
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? ? ? ?
 Nikky arrived rather late. Their vehicle developed a fault, on the way. Her parents were in the sitting room waiting for her, it was already hours past bed time, but can’t just sleep without seeing her.
 *door opens*
 Carolyne: oh! Thank heavens you made it. 
Angelo: you must be very tired! Poor girl, my grand daughter look very very tired. 
Nikky: (taking her seat) yes dad. The maid took their luggages to Nikky’s room. 
Carolyne: is this your child?…..the one i never had the opportunity to see? 
Nikky: (smiling) yes mum. 
Carolyne: she looks cute! She got those blue eyes from her grandfather hahahahahaha. 
Nikky: my eyes are blue too!…….baby, why don’t you say hi to mama? 
Nenita: good day ma’am, hello sir. 
Carolyne: don’t stress yourself okay? We have the whole of tomorrow to ourselves. 
Angelo: you two should go to the dinning and have your dinner already, just hope its still warm. 
? ? ? ? 
We had dinner with dad before retiring for the night. Ella and i laid on the bed with her head resting on my broad hairy chest while our eyes searched the ceiling for some invisible treasure. Light silence ruled the atmosphere around us until my phone beeped, it was a text message from mum, asking to see me in their (dad’s & mum’s) room. I showed Ella the text, wore a pair of slipper and left for the hall way. I soon found myself knocking on their door. I was ushered in without delay. 
Mum: i know you’d be wandering why we called you here, nothing serious. We were just thinking, why don’t you get married? 
Me: (huh? Why the rush, is the something i must know?) i also thought of that, but…..there’s a little problem. 
Dad: what is it son? I think its time to let them know about Nikky! I told them everything i knew, expecting a scold or worst threats of arranged marriage. But to my surprise, the only exchanged glances, only hell knows what that was to mean. 
Dad: thats no problem at all, have you run the DNA test? 
Me: no, not yet, but i’ve given a doc the specimen already. 
Mum: great! The result doesn’t count, if its positive, you get your child back, if negative, then…(shrug) Whats more important is that you marry the woman you love. 
To be honest, i never saw this response coming, but i was glad it did. We continued talking before i left minutes later. Lying on my bed is a young lady who truly love me, you cares for me and all. It really hurts me to keep her in the dark about Nikky. I know i’ve being selfish by keeping this from her, but am now ready to tell her all there is to know. I know spilling it won’t be easy, but am ready for my fate. 
Me: (tapping her gently) Ella, wake up, i have something to tell you..its important. She opened her eyes slightly, resting her head on a pillow. Oh God My heartbeat increased, the loud beats from my heart could be used to dance raggae.