Broken Seal ~Episode 38


I ushered them in, trying to act normal, atleast for the little kid with her. 
Me: uhm….you’ar welcome. What a surprise visit!!! 
Nikky: thanks dear….baby (refering to the little kid) this is your….. 
Me: (this is your what? Mtcheeeew i had to cut her in) what can i offer you? 
Nikky: anything would do. 
Me: whats your name little princess?
 Kid: i’m Nenita. 
Me: hmmm you’ve got a name as cute as you. 
Nenita: (smiling) mum, who is this uncle? 
Me: Neni, would you like some ice cream? I’ve got lots of them you know. 
Nenita: you do? Do you have vanila flavor? 
Me: (sigh! That did the trick) of course! Follow me. I gave Nenita a cone of ice cream and asked her to seat in the dinning room. I took some baked cheese to Nikky who sat on a sofa in the adjoining sitting room. 
Nikky: thanks honey, you still know my favorite? I knew it! You just can’t get the memories we shared out of your head. 
Me: don’t get it twisted…..who is that kid? (pointing to Nenita) 
Nikky: thats our daughter. 
Me: your what?!!!! 
Nikky: point of correction, our daughter (she used her index finger to demonstrate what she meant) 
Me: you think i’d buy that? I won’t fall so cheap, i’d have to verify via a DNA test. 
Nikky: go ahead. 
Me: you must know that no matter what the result is, i’d never come back to you. You and your daughter can go to hell all i care. 
Nikky: what?!! 
Me: you heard that right…you’ve raised that girl as a single mum for years now, and i must comment you’ar doing great, keep up the good work. Just a little advice, find someone else who can love you ‘coz you’ve lost it with me.
 Nikky: enough!!! I’ve heard you, if you don’t love me then so be it, i can’t force myself on you. But get this right, someday you’d come begging me. I promise you that. 
Me: (smiling) okay ma’am, i think you’ve overstayed your welcome, you may leave
. Nikky: exactly what I was about doing, see you soon baby. Oh by the way, make sure you protect your Ella ‘coz mother vulture might snatch her (smirk). Neni? Its time we get going! 
I could see the look of disappointment on Nenita’s face when they were leaving. Of course who wouldn’t be disappointed? She haven’t finished her ice cream moreso, its not up to 30minutes that they came. Why did Nikky give up so easily? Thats quite unlike her. Since from childhood she always get what she wants and she never gives up any fight she started. Why the sudden change of attitude? Can people really change over night? And what did she mean by some ugly vulture snatching Ella? Is this some mere angry outburst? Many questions clouded my mind, annoyingly, i had no key to any of the answers. I packaged the spoon Nenita used in taking her ice cream, together with a strand of my hair, then took it to nearby hospital to run the DNA tests between Nenita and I. 
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? ? ? ?
 Sinulog is only two days away, we’d have to be in Cebu city before the festival begin. Ella, Isabella and I are all ready for the long ride. 
Isabella: are you taking these with you? 
Ella: of course! Those are my clothes and other toiletries.
 Isabella: no no no, don’t bother taking them, we’ar gonna be doing grand shopping in Cebu, right bro? Isabella sees shopping as a hobby, she’d seize every opportunity to do just that.
 Me: thats right! Don’t worry Ella, we’d visit some malls when we finally get to Cebu, it’d also give you the chance to explore the city. We all hopped into the car, i was on the wheels, driving as fast as i can. 
? ? To be continued ? ?