Passion and Power – Monday (13-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
At the funeral, Eladio and Julia goes to the funeral to mourn with the family but Nina wants Arturo and Julia to leave because they are the cause of the death of Danny since they never loved Danny since Arturo preferred to spend his company with Julia rather than his daughter and Julia also wanted to separate Danny from David because she never loved her but Arturo tells her he will not leave because Danny is also his daughter. Eladio then asks Nina to not put any blame on anyone because as far as he know, no one could have prevented Danny from taking drugs and since she refused to love herself first, that led to her death because the final decisions of one’s action depends on oneself.
Arturo tells Julia that now upon everything, he can see he has the love of his life (Julia) standing before him but he doesn’t have the love of his little girl anymore and Julia says it’s only God who can understands but she knows he will be fine. Arturo then states that Ashmo will certainly pay for harming killing his daughter. Arturo then calls the Police commander to inform him that it was Ashmo who gave the drug to Danny.
Franco tells Marintia that he’s succeeded in ruining Ashmo and Eladio will be next on the way. Marintia asks him how he is going to do that and he says, his deal with Ashmo gave him lots of money and he bought a lot of shares from the Gomez Luna Association and that he will continue to buy until he becomes the owner of everything and Marintia congratulates him.
Arturo goes with the Police to arrest Ashmo and he hits him for killing his daughter by supplying her with Drugs.
Arturo confronts Erick as to why he knew that Ashmo was at the restaurant that day and never saved his sister from his hands as he knew what Ashmo was about since Ashmo told him he went there to have business deal with him (Erick). Erick tries denying it but Arturo says Lully can testify also to that. Nina then says she will not forgive him for helping Ashmo and so he kicks him out the house and never return and Arturo also adds that he can forget about coming back also to his company to work since from now onwards he is on his own. Nina again states that she will return the baby to Consuelo since she can see the Erick isn’t qualified to take care of him yet Erick care less.
Erick goes to speak with Ashmo in prison to give him back his money for the deal since he is no longer interested but Ashmo says he (Erick) has no documents to back his claims so he should leave as he doesn’t remember taking any money from him. Quickly, Arturo arrives to check on Ashmo and entering he overhears them talking about their deal and he becomes really disappointed in his son more than ever.
Arturo goes to see Julia to tell her that it will be better they put a stop to their relationship and Julia accepts.
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