Broken Seal ~Episode 37


Rodelio paced round the room, hitting his fists hard against the wall occassionally. Isaiah and Ella are back together, he knew it. He saw them today. All his plans are now being thwarted, does that mean Ella don’t love him? She must love him and he alone. No one can ever take her place in his heart Ella should also feel the same. He thought of taking Isaiah out, but he found out from a reliable source that Isaiah is a mayor’s son. If he kills Isaiah, he knew the mayor would never stop until the murderer is fetched out, he may even go to the extent of seeking international help, yes thats how powerful mayors are. Rodelio nodded to the new idea that cropped into his head. An idea that would remove Isaiah from the picture completely, with little or no bloodshed. The plan was cool, why haven’t he thought of this for so long? Nikky may ruin his plans with her naive attitude. He picked his phone to update her. 
*on the phone* 
Nikky: hmmmm you remember me today?
 Rodelio: i’d always remember you, atleast till i get what i want.
 Nikky: our plans are ruined, any Idea? 
Rodelio: exactly why i called. We need to talk. 
Nikky: whats the plan? 
Rodelio: meet me at Taste and Feel restuarant by 7pm today. 
Nikky: you know what? You’ar always a bossy jerk. 
Rodelio: thanks for the compliment, don’t keep me waiting.
 ? ? ? ? 
Kate: i notice for the past 30minutes, you’ve been staring at your finger and smiling, whats the secret? 
Ella: mother guess what!!! 
Kate: you just won a lottery? Ella: (funny face) uuuuuhhh attempt failed, try another. 
Kate: eh…uhm….lets see… recieved a promotion letter? 
Ella: nah. Isaiah re-proposed to me in a church!!! Before a priest!!!! 
Kate: how sweet! You two made up? 
Ella: yes… were right mum, after listening to his own part of the story, i realise everything was only but a misunderstanding. 
Kate: i told you! So when is the wedding? (winks)
 Ella: mother? Its only been months since we started dating.
 Kate: and who says dating must last a specific period of time? 
Ella: besides we haven’t met his parents. 
Kate: speaking of that, sinulog is at hand, its a good opportunity to visit his family in Cebu, don’t you think? 
Ella: thats right! Lets see how it goes.
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 ? ? ? ? 
Nikky called earlier this morning and cancelled our supposed appointment. Who even want to met her? Mtcheeeew. Ella and i went to the movies, we agreed on attending sinulog together. 
Uuuuhhmm Sinulog is a famous festival in philippine, its held in Cebu city. The festival is characterised by a very long parade with many groups of persons dressed in colorful attires. It has always enjoyed international recognition, i wouldn’t miss it for anything!!!! Dunno why, but i felt this urge of getting married ASAP. What of Nikky? She wouldn’t let that happen but she must!! What about her child? Oh God am really confused right now. Hang on, i haven’t set my eyes on the kid shes talking about, and today that i thought i would, she postponed our appointment. It seems the kid never existed, yeah! This is one of her schemes.
 ? ? ? ? 
Nikky met with Rodelio, she kinda like the plan, though its gonna be hard on her, but most definitely, there would be light at the end of the tunnel for her. She missed sinulog alot, during her years in the state. She was determined to attend this years’ what of Tomas? He can’t go with them, she wouldn’t leave him behind either. Its now time for his treatment, she told herself. The following morning, They (Nikky & Nenita) took Tomas to the hospital. The doc said he would be needing a cornea transplant. Nikky paid him off and left. 
? ? ? ? 
I was at home alone, watching TV when suddenly i heard a knock on the door. I asked whoever was there to come in. Lo Nikky entered, she was with a kid who shouldn’t be more than 6years. How the heck did she get my address? Why is she here! Who is that kid! Oh God hope its not what am thinking!!!!!! 
? ? To be continued ? ?