Broken Seal ~Episode 36


*on the phone* Nikky: hello sweet heart. 
Me: (aaaarhhg) hi samuel, how are you doing? 
Nikky: what the hell are you saying? Its me, Nikky. 
Me: your car broke down again? 
Nikky: are you crazy? Well i called to inform you that our daughter is now with me. 
Me: i’m really sorry sam, i don’t know of any mechanic….okay..catcha…take care of your baby, car i mean, bye. I hung up immediately, wow i pulled up that act without thinking? I think i’d be a good actor! 
Me: (changing the topic) that was samuel…. I can’t stop imagining walking down the aisle with you, in this church, on our wedding day.
Ella: (dragging me to the alter) lets give it a practice. 
Me: yeah!!! We walked to the alter, i held her both hands while she closed her eyes.
 Me: from the day i met you, everything about me became special, know why? ‘coz you’ar very very special. I was scared i’d loose you to our little misunderstanding. I was scared i’d go to the grave missing you but fate proved me wrong. We’ar meant to be Ella. I love you beyond measure, my love for you is deeper than the ocean waters, it towers like the mountains, i love love you!
 Ella: (smiling) i love you more Isaiah. You taught me the language of love, in you i found true happiness, peace and joy. Your name is and would forever be engraved in my heart, nothing can wipe it, except if my heart stops beating. I don’t know what to say ‘coz there is only one word left in my word bank, which is “love” i love you honey. With that, she opened her eyes. We hugged tightly for ‘hours’ you know that feeling you get when you find that important thing you thought you’d lost? Ahah that was what i was feeling. The moment was more than magical, i can’t find words to qualify it. We got locked in a hot kiss! (in the church?! Well who cares???) we quickly disengaged when we heard someone clearing his rough throat. The priest!!! I knew ‘coz he was clad in his priestly wear. 
Ella: er…hi….sorry priest.
 Priest: its nothing, i understand that kinda feeling. 
Me: (hahaha you do? Too bad you can’t get married *tongue out*) uhm sire, do you mind blessing us? 
Priest: no i don’t…lets pray…. 
Me: just a sec. I held Ella’s left hand and removed the engagement ring from her finger, this ring symbolizes the love i have for you. This may not be the perfect time, and i know we may still go through alot (NIKKY!!!) look at this ring, see how round it is? So it if for us….we may go through tought times but good news is our love would never reach its breaking point. I love you….. 
Priest: remain blessed. 
We left the church happily..
 Me: hang on, how did you know i was here? 
Ella: i actually came to your house unfortunately you weren’t home. A neighbour told me she saw you walking into st. Michael church..
 Me: (smiling) wanna go home?
 Ella: yup, i have some articles to write.
 Me: let me take you home. I flagged down a cab and we hopped in.
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 ? ? ? ?
 I came back home feeling overwhelmed, i’ve never been this happy. I wasn’t in planet earth anymore. The thought of having Ella back and even re-proposing to her before a priest all got me crazy! I thanked Isabella for her help, we also had a mini party, of drinks and loud musics. Trust Isai, she drank to stupor!!!!
 At around 11pm, i retired to bed, leaving Isai to battle with her bottle of drinks. I laid on the bed feeling marvelous, i almost forgot about Nikky and her ‘child’ not until she reminded me devilishly with a devilish text message, asking to meet in her house tomorrow. Hope shes not being cunny? Why can’t she let me be? I finally resolved to go, ‘coz i want to tell her my mind, its gonna be hard but truth is i don’t love her!!!!! 
? ? To be continued ? ?