Broken Seal ~Episode 40


She rested her sleepy head on my chest and managed to open her eyes. 
Me: uhm…i…. Ella: Is it really pressing? Look (pointing to the wall clock) its 2am, i’m very sleepy, we talk tomorrow okay?
 Me: yeah, go back to bed. I don’t know if i should be glad or not, perhaps i shouldn’t let her know just yet. Moreover i don’t know what the DNA analysis would be. I’d be losing on both ends if Ella leave me and the test result negative.
 ? ? ? ? 
Nikky sat in her room with Nenita’s sleepy head resting on her lap. She kept running her hand through Nenita’s hair. She love her daughter so much. No she can’t watch her grow up without a father! The more reason she’s willing to do anything to get Isaiah back, even if it involves bloodshed. She was deep in her trance until she heard the door open, letting her mum in. Carolyne was still in her nighties. 
Nikky: a pleasant morning to you mum. 
Carolyne: (she sat on a sofa) morning dear, hope you slept well? 
Nikky: yes mother.
 Carolyne: you know, i still don’t get it. Do you intend raising your child a single mum? Don’t you want a father by herside? Why are you stopping me from telling the Guidottis about this?
 Nikky: sssshh bring your voice down, Nenita is still sleeping ….. I don’t want my daughter to grow up without a dad, neither do i want to live without a husband. I already have a plan, and things seem to be working as predicted. 
Carolyne: so whats the plan? 
Nikky: uhm….mother, i don’t want you in just yet…. 
Carolyne: Nikky? When did you start keeping secrets from me? I may be of help somehow, tell me already. 
Nikky: the plan is……… She explained everything to her mum. How she met Rodelio, how their first plan failed and their latest strategy. Carolyne didn’t buy the idea, however she pretended to be in support ‘coz its for her daughter’s happiness and the destiny of her granchild, Nenita. 
? ? ? ?
 Sinulog started today, it was as bublee as ever, ma’am Kate also came for the festival, i seized that opportunity to introduce her to my parents, they seemed to go along pretty well. The past days where uneventful, sinulog lasted for a week, we spent one more day before leaving for Manila. 
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? ? ? ?
 After sinulog, Nikky spent two days with her family, before leaving with her daughter. They stopped by at the hospital to check on Tomas. To their surprise, Tomas wasn’t operated on yet. The head of doctors made flimsy excuses. Nikky threatened to sue the hospital, they pleaded with her and promised to commence operation the next day.
 Nenita: mum, when i’m i meeting my dad? 
Nikky: Tomas you mean? 
Nenita: no, my biological dad. 
Nikky: uhm, he’s on a business trip but would be back soon okay? 
Nenita: okay mum. Love you. 
Nikky: (hugged her) i love you too honey.
 ? ? ? ? 
Days passed pretty fast. Our wedding preparation was on the top gear. Isabella took care of cake & decorations. I wanted something simple but dad was against it. He invited a whole lotta people, especially the crème de la crème. We had a grand eve party today. Tomorrow is the D-day. I can’t wait!!!!!!! 
? ? ? ? 
Nikky got news of the wedding from various media. First it was from her mum, telling her to get the plan ready. Rodelio also called to inform her that everything was in place. She attended the eve party, not because she was glad but to see things for herself! Rodelio had his people keeping eye on the to be couple. Among Ella’s entourage is his ally, her job is simple- to update him on latest occurence. 
WATCH OUT FOR THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!