Woara Episode 4 – “My Name is Afrakuma and this is my Story”


This is where I am now, I just didn’t know what to do anymore. 
I guess by now you all are against me now, but that’s usual of humans, we tell a book by its cover. How would you feel if  after all this years, you found out that, the only people you ever trusted in your entire life are the very ones who are lying to you?
How would you feel, when the only one who you look up to in life, is actually the one who want’s to see your downfall? Maybe, I made the wrong choice by seeking for justice through vengeance after burring all this hatred in me. 
This is how it all started. Yvonne and I grew up in a family where we both had everything that we wanted. Well it came to a time that, everything started changing. My parents started paying more attention to Yvonne than me. We were made to know that, if we pass our exams with good grades, we will be rewarded. I did pass my exams, with good grades, no doubts about that, but all the rewards and praise went to my sister, Yvonne. 
I didn’t really see that as a problem because I was little by then but little did I know that there was more in stock for me. 
Yvonne used to have best of cloths, the best of gifts and basically the best of everything that a person would wish to have. 
I tried as much as I can to be the sister that I am to  Yvonne but I was full of so much hatred and vengeance. It all began when I received this letter from this handsome guy I met at the inter colleges games called Humphrey but I prefer to call him Kwame. I must confess I had a crush on him right from the  day I met him. 
He took my school address and for days I waited for him to write to me and then finally the letter arrived. I remembered each words he wrote to me and honestly I was really moved by it. I was so much flattered by his words that even when I wanted to reply, I was just too nervous to do that. 
I told Yvonne my sister whom I trusted so much to help me out but she gave me a weird advice. She advised that I hold on with the reply or else I will rather show Kwame ( Humphrey) how desperate I was. Well it sounded like a good advice back then and so I went along with it. 
All along she kept the letter Humphrey wrote to me and just when I felt that the time was right for me to reply him, I got to know that Yvonne had posted the letter back to Humphrey without my notice. 
I asked for explanation but all she said was that, it was for my own good. Time flew and eventually, I got over Humphrey. I used to be the coolest and quite person you would ever come across with until I began going out with Yvonne to the clubs and other freaky places. 
Yvonne used be the hardcore person and just because she wanted to impress her friends, she persuaded me to skip school so we could go out together. 
We went out, she drunk alcohol and got drunk. As if that was enough, she even gave me some to drink and soon I was jumping all over the place. I thought I was going to be protected by my sister only to be drugged by some unknown men. That was when I lost my virginity to people I don’t even know or can’t even recall. 
All what Yvonne told me was to just let it go and pretend that nothing happened but my conscience didn’t even put me right. I was filled with guilt, that was not how I planned on losing my virginity.  The worse thing was that I got pregnant afterwards. 
To be continued. 
© 2017