Broken Seal ~Episode 24


​The earth crust drew nearer, those tiny stuffs i was seeing from afar magnified with each passing seconds. The plane tyres bounced a little, it bounced some more, rolled for some metres before finally halting. The aisle was thrown open, we all alighted gently. 
“welcome to Riza” the stewardess clad in blue muttered into the speaker. Three white luxurious buses were waiting for us, we hopped in and soon found ourselves in the event centre. The place looked so beautiful and cozy. The structures were erected by the philippine government solely for this. (trade fare) the event would be aired live on TV stations across philippine and beyond. 
Today being the first day, we have nothing much to do, only to have dinner and retire for the night. The main thing kicks tomorrow. We were all given tickets, on every ticket is a room number. I devored my meal and located my room after minutes of search and bumping into other person’s room. 
Jog kits were delivered to my room, i quickly got clad in them and went outside to join the others. We jogged round the street for about 30mins. The street look deserted, you’d hardly see houses. We came back, did some clean up before having breakfast. The first business seminar started by 9am and ended a few minutes to 12noon. The speaker was an American successful business woman. She own’s a printing house in los angeles. I really enjoyed her seminar! 
She spoke on business relationship, how you’ar to treat a customer/investor blah blah blah. Its now time for lunch, we all went to the eatery. I haven’t made any friends yet, i placed my order, and sat alone. In no time, the waiter served me and left. I was about having my first taste of the food when……. 
Voice: hi! The voice sound strangely familiar!!! Who could that be? Lets have your powerful guess! 
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*************************** Adrian woke up with slight headache, his whole body felt weak and heavy. He let his eyes roam the room, it was a small room, it looked more like a hut. He sighted an old man seating on a stool next to his bed. 
Adrian: (trying to sit up) where am I? 
Oldman: beach road…..i found you washed up by the shore side…. Adrian tried hard to recall the events of the past but they all appeared hazy. He remembered the race….the torture and…and thats all his memory could produce. 
Adrian: i need to get out of here now! 
Oldman: your strength is drained you can’t do that for now, just relax okay?
 Adrian: got a cell phone? 
Oldman: no, why? 
Adrian: I wanted to call home, so that someone would pick me up. 
Oldman: can i have the contact? I can make the call using the public phone. 
Adrian: great! He gave the oldman his girlfriend’s contact, the man put a call through to her, explaining everything. In less than an hour, Adrian’s girlfriend came by, she thanked the oldman for his kindness, and drove Adrian home.