Broken Seal ~Episode 25


​I rased my head up, to see the owner of the voice. She was clad in a pink gown with black jacket, her hair do was that of an American, she looked beautiful. 
Voice: I’m Nikky. 
Me: (hope its not the Nikky I know? No it can’t be) Isaiah. *handshake* 
Nikky: may i seat here? 
Me: (smiling) of course yes.
 Nikky: you look familiar, your name also sound so. 
Me: are you Nikky…..Nikky Angelo? 
Nikky: Isaiah Guidotti? 
Me: yeah! Wow you’ve changed alot, where have you been? 
Nikky: oh baby I miss you so much!!!! 
Me: (well i don’t) The waiter interrupted, before I could utter a word. 
Waiter: hi ma’am, your order please. Nikky tapped me gently, on the shoulder. It was then i realised i had been lost in my thoughts, with my eyes fixed to one direction. The waiter had served her already. 
Me: uhm….you’ar here for the exhibition? (dunno what to say)
 Nikky: yes baby. 
Me: (feeling uneasy) am not your baby, forgotten?
 Nikky: common, don’t tell me you’ve thrown away all that we shared?
 Me: well i’ve moved on, as a matter of fact am engaged! 
Nikky: I still love you, i’d always do..i….. She didn’t complete her sentence when the moderator spoke interruptedly. 
Moderator: ladies and gentlemen, its time for the second seminar and exhibition, where you’d get to advertise your company, remember, the whole world is watching!!!! 
We all went back to the hall, the seminar was great, i guess i represented my company well ‘coz when i was done talking, i recieved a round of applause. The other days of the event was uneventful and boring, especially ‘coz Nikky was more of a pest than a friend. Taking advantage of every opportunity to tell me she loves me more than lion loves meat. But thats not possible am engaged!!!! Right? 
Today is the last day of the exhibition, its dedicated for fun to cool our nerves before we embark on a journey to our destinations. Hip pop music filled the air, champaignes graced the floor, most of us were in the pool, having mixed swimming (both sexes) the females were on bikinis and the males on shorts. Wuuu-huuuu fun in the air!!! ……wanna join? I felt something real soft press against my back, i need not a seer to tell me they were bøøbs, i wasn’t surprised, what do you expect from mixed swimming if not flirting? I closed my eyes enjoying the graceful feeling. I turned to behold the owner of those…… Nikky!!! Yuck! 
I ran outta the water as if i was being chased by a water snake. I found my self a pool chair and rested on it. Nikky also came.
 Nikky: why did you leave the water? 
Me: i was getting cold. She stole minutes of my time, we chatted and exchanged numbers, though i have no intentions of calling her. 
Feels good to be back in Manila!!! I paid the cab man and entered my house, with my bag hanging freely from my left hand. I went in and took my bath, i was about taking a nap when i heard a knock on my door. Ooooh who is there? How did they know am back? 
To be continued