Broken Seal ~Episode 23


​voice: freeze….your hands on your head. The voice was familiar, yeah its Isabella’s what is this girl up to? I think am game in! In a swift left turn, i used my left hand to grip her armed-hand and my right hand to point the gun upwards. 
Me: what’s this about?
 Isabella: hahahaha i never knew my bro is a pro. 
Me: wrong answer.
 Isabella: i found this gun in your room when you left for work…what are you doing with a gun? 
Me: none of your business….hey i got great news! We’ar in custody of Adrian!!! 
Isabella: best news ever! Can i see him? I can kick an åss you know.
 Me: hey kid am hungry! Any food? 
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*************************** Samuel called earlier, saying Adrian was now conscious. I took my bath one more time and drove to his house.
 Samuel: welcome man. 
Me: hey buddy…..uhm can we see him now? 
Samuel: yes but no need of going there, we can watch him from this (pointing) laptop….the electric chair is also remote controlled. Here, have this, when you speak into it, its gonna echoe in Adrian’s place. 
Me: where did you get all these from? 
Samuel: a Russian friend. 
Me: (speaking into the mic and watching the laptop) Adrian!!! 
Adrian: (confused, searching round the room) who are you? Let me go!!! 
Me: wanna know who I am? Isaiah Guidotti, you beat up my sis…whats your fúcking reason? 
Adrian: you’d regret this! 
Samuel: wrong answer. Two buttons were on the remote, a red and a green one. The chair’s electrical wave are activated by pressing the red button. Samuel clicked on it, we watched as Adrian kept jerking involuntrily, for minutes before he finally spoke.
 Adrian: båstards, do your worst, i rather die!!!! I got furious on hearing this. The intensity of the electric shock was 60% i increased it to 100% torturing Adrian for several minutes. 
Adrian: (in a very weak voice) please stop it, i’d speak. 
Samuel: good boy, lets hear it. 
Adrian: I won’t mention his name…he’s my boss and he sent me to do that to your sis, then give her this message; “tell your brother to let go of my girl or else, your whole family would go down for it” 
Me: we know your boss’ name, you don’t need to tell us…..who told you about my sis? He went on with his flimsy explanation, saying he planted a bug in my remote and also went through my dairy. Soon, he blacked out, he untied him, it was getting darker. So we dumped him off the sea shore. If he’s lucky, someone might rescue him. Samuel drove me home. 
Samuel: I think you should be careful around Rodelio, we don’t know more about him except his name. He may be a dangerous guy. 
Me: yeah i know, but he’s a loser! He can’t get Ella back. 
Samuel: lover boy, i gotta go…bye. 
Me: bye. I walked inside while Samuel zoomed off. 
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wow! I’ve never been this happy after work. Do you know why? My company nominated me to attend the PHILIPPINE TRADE FARE. Its an annual fare, where all local industries would come together to showcase their products, have fun and enjoy wonderful seminars from great business tycoons. I called Ella, Isabella and Samuel. Telling them i’d be away for seven days starting from tomorrow. 
To be continued