Passion and Power – Wednesday (08-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Arturo goes to see Julia and she tells him about Nina’s visit and how she made her to see that their past has actually affected the lives of the children very much and seriously analyzing so many things, she wants to let them put an end to this absurd relationship of theirs And Never See Each Other Again and Arturo becomes anxious and hurt.
Augustin brings food for Gabby at the foundation and seriously he tells her he cooked it himself and Gabby looks so pleased with that. He attends to Diego; one of the orphans looking very feverish and Gabby is taking care of. Gabby seeing the care Augustin shows to the boy, she complements him that he will be a good parent. Augustin then states that, ones he gets married, he will adopt 5 children and Diego wants to know when he intends to marry since he wants to be one of those 5 adopted kids and Augustin says he is still searching for the right woman and Gabby felt uneasy as Augustin turned to look at her. 
Feeling comfortable with each other’s company, they kiss but Gabby becomes conscious and stops herself asking Augustin that can’t continue but Augustin states that Franco doesn’t deserve her.
Arturo asks Julia to admit before him that she was actually in love with him from the beginning till now and Julia admits it but says now she can really tell her reason for still having him in her mind while with Eladio was because of mere memories because she thought she could be happy by his side but now Eladio has won her heart but Arturo still thinks their love is possible but Julia just want the best for his son so not to ruin his happiness.
David speaks with Regina to ask her why she refused to accepts Jorge’s marriage proposal and Regina tries defending herself by stating that she was not ready for that and only wanted Jorge to give her more time but David disbelieves and asks her if she did that because she is still in love with him and Regina says YES but they can’t be together since he is now with Daniela and that has helped Daniela a lot.
Arturo gives some documents to Ashmo telling him that, every business deal he had with him is cancelled since he (Ashmo) never fulfilled his part and says he will also file a lawsuit for all the damage he’s caused him and Ashmo goes crazy and upon seeing Daniela states that he will revenge on Daniela and Arturo can’t stop him this time.
Erick meets with Ashmo and he tells him that he’s putting the money in his account to start the business.  Daniela and Lully arrive to meet Erick since Erick asked Lully to bring her there and Upon Ashmo seeing Daniela entering the washroom, he goes after her to smear/suffocates her with Cocaine. 
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