Broken Seal ~Episode 22


Samuel: we have to get out of the car! 
Me: lets go ahead, i’d pretend i didn’t hear that.
 Samuel: dummy! Thats the only option, the car is a mess, this lead bullet hurts my arm, we can’t fight them or escape with the car! Don’t you get it…. *another bullet hits the rear windshield* 
Me: okay okay whats the plan? 
Samuel: you jump out when i say so…. I really don’t know how he did it…he fixed an sub-machine gun (SMG) to the car’s AC. Such that the SMG would release bullets automatically. He tied his wounded arm with a brown hanky, then he switched off the headlamp. I lifted Adrian’s heavy body, placed on my right shoulder and we jumped out of the car, leaving the car to travel on its own, we found refuge in the bush along the roadside. With the car moving on its own and the SMG shooting automatically, the scumbags after us kept wasting their bullets, thinking they are harming us. Sparkies!!!!!!!!!!!!! “kpaaoooh” the car exploded! Is it the bullets alone or they used a flame thrower? Only google knows. 
Samuel was still bleeding uncontrollably, and Adrian still unconscious. Luckily, a cab wandered our way, i quickly flagged it down. 
Me: hi buddy! M, de santos street, three passengers. You’ar good? 
Cab man: what happened? Why is that guy bleeding? And the other lying dead? 
Me: would you take us? 
Cab man: i’m sorry….i….i can’t. 
Me: (pointing a pistol to his head) you either take us and save your life or i blow off your skull and take your cab. 
Cab man: (shivering) get in…… 
Me: now that sounds like it…..samuel? Within minutes, we found ourselves in front of Samuel’s mansion. I paid the cab man a fortune, he thanked me and zoomed off. 
Samuel: my store room is over there…….(pointing) lets take him there. Samuel led the way. The store room looked more of an empty cell. I dropped Adrian on the floor “oouuch” my shoulder hurts. 
Me: what next ‘boss’ 
Samuel: lets tie him to that electric chair, he would still remain unconscious for hours, tomorrow, we continue from where we stopped. 
Me: how the…..what are you doing with an electric chair? 
Samuel: dìckhead! Its meant for special days such as today!!! 
We tied Adrian to the chair and also glued his mouth with a ducktape. I helped Samuel in removing the lead bullet stucked in his flesh, believe me the sight was horrible! Soon i was done…i picked one of Samuel’s cars and zoomed off. 
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 I came back from work pretty late today, we had a board meeting which almost chopped my time.
Me: anybody home? Isai? Isabella? Isabella!!! I called out but got no response, she (Isabella) isn’t in her room either! Where could this girl have gone to? I reached to pick my phone from my side pocket, probably to call her. It was then i felt a cold iron against my head. I rolled my eyes sideways,it was a black pistol. 
Voice: freeze don’t move! Your hands on your head!!!