Broken Seal ~Episode 14


​“aaaarrgh aaaarrrggh aaaaarrrghh” Rodelio groaned as he hit his fists hard against the rigid black punch bag, which hung from the ceiling in his special room. He visits this room only when he is angry and hell yeah! Right now, he’s so pissed. How could Ella have embarrased him before that dude she call her boyfriend? And there was Adrian Who couldn’t accomplish a simple mission “aaaarggh” he groaned some more. Breathing heavily, he fell on a chair which looked more of a pool chair. He picked his phone and sent Adrian a text message… “plan changed, follow Ella instead, that båstard would always be around her, get as many info as you can about him. You have 24-hours you DARE NOT FAIL!!! 
As Tomas laid on his bed, he was hearing some indistinct voices from outside. With the help of his staff, he located the doorpost. Beside the door is a red button which when clicked. Would send a signal. His index finger located the button after seconds of search. A few minutes after he clicked the button, ma’am Naomi rushed in, Nenita was with her.
 Naomi: Tomas, Nenita is here with me!!!
 Tomas; (smiling) where is she, where is my daughter? 
Nenita: (in her sweet lil voice) here daddy!!! She ran and hugged him tightly.
 Tomas: where were  you? You got us all scared. 
Nenita: sorry dad. 
Tomas: its okay honey, next time, don’t go out without permission okay? 
Nenita: yes dad! 
Tomas: promise? 
Nenita: promise! 
Naomi: okay baby, go to your room. 
Nenita: yes ma’am, goodnight dad. She replied and left for the little room which she share with other kids in the orphanage. 
Naomi: you guys are so fond of each other… 
Tomas: yes, Nenita is such a lovely little girl, i like her alot. Though i can’t see her, i know she’s amazing! 
Naomi: yeah! Shes cute too. They both laughed to that. 
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It seems today is my thinking day, i’ve been in my office for the past two hours, but all i do is think, i had been thinking about so many stuffs most of which were crazy. Was i been followed up yesterday or it was only a sheer of imagination? Is Rodelio still in love with Ella? Would he fight for her? He better…… *phone rings*
 My sweet ring tone woke me off my reverie, ‘honey pie’ was boldly written on the screen, i picked immediately. 
Me: hi sweetie. 
Ella: hello dear, how are you? 
Me:so sweet, uhm its almost lunch, how about we have lunch together?
 Ella: exactly! I’m in a cab right now, heading to your company’s canteen. 
Me: wow! What a suprise, i’d be expecting you!! 
Ella: mmmuuahh (kisses) 
Me: that should be on my lips!
 Ella: naughty!!!
 *hung up*
 I rushed to the canteen which is situated in the first floor. I ordered for two plates of hot bulalo and some apple drinks. Ella arrived some minutes later, we talked alot, laughing out our lungs, i guess we attracted some people’s attention. Who cares?! I got two free pecks for ordering Ella’s favorite, i guess i’d be doing this always for multiple pecks!!! Ella’s lunch break is almost exhausted, she board a cab and zoomed off 
Adrian had been following Ella all this while, he saw her when she entered the canteen, eating with his target. He decided to wait a while for his target to close for the day. After hours of waiting, he saw him (his target, Isaiah) hopping into a car and zooming off. Luckily, an empty cab passed by, Adrian stopped the cab and jumped in. The cab man followed Isaiah as instructed. Adrian alighted when his target drove into a compound. He stood still wondering what to do, of course he wasn’t afraid ‘coz he was having a silver pistol on him, if things go funny, he wouldn’t hesitate to use it! 
 came back from work, feeling exhausted, i dropped all my documents and came back to the living room, just then i heard a knock on the door, mtcheeew i need to rest. I reluctantly opened the door. Who is he? A new neighbour? What does he want? I asked myself. What happened next was a great surprise to me.