Broken Glass Episode 4


    We had this one week family get together going on.With football matches , tennis , and a whole lots.Everyone preferred coming to my dad’s to watch the football match that was to be played by two favorite teams.Aunty Betty came with Brian and Dorothy. They moved to the kitchen as soon as they realised the men were watching a football match.Theresa was back and from the look of things, Aunty Melody didn’t pamper her like dad did.So she had become more polite.
  Theresa joined us in the kitchen complaining about how the hall was crowded with the men in the family .She had to forgo her movie just for a football match?,she looked at mum , mum looked at me and I intend at Aunty Betty and Dorothy,we began laughing at her until she left complaining she needed a laptop.Mum didn’t pamper Theresa , dad did.But here dad was, he was also amongst ” the men in the family watching football at the hall ” so no one to save Theresa.I planned on getting her a laptop on her twentieth birthday.
I shoke my head while I began setting the table for all of us.Dorothy helped me out and as soon as I told Theresa I planned a surprise for her the following year , she was down to help out at the kitchen in no time.
   After the match was over the guys had enjoyed various dishes and were busily topping it up with drinks. Brian signalled I come , we got everyone together and all eyes were on us now.
   ” I want to marry Tracy ,I already asked her and she’s agreed. We fixed the date and we getting married on the eve of Christmas ” Brian spoke to the entire family.I began feeling shy.He held my hands tightly. Everyone was so happy to hear the news and congratulated us.Dad was the happiest , mum couldn’t hide her joy.And Aunty Betty and Dorothy , the least said , the better.Since Brian’s mum couldn’t join us for the get together , aunty Betty planned to bring her to join us for the ceremony. I’ve met mum on several occasions Aunty Betty ,Brian and I visited the country side. She is still beautiful despite her age and a very nice person , but I didn’t really know if she liked me at all.Brian looked very much like her.
We made so many plans towards the weeding.Brother Derrick had finally settled with Petra , Ann’s big sister hence we  had become one big family.They moved to the States precisely France and settled there .They had two children already and they were all coming down for the wedding. It was one invitation card after the other.From the proprietress of Dian’s Montessori and her husband , madam Flora our teacher to my workplace and the dance school , Mr and Mrs Donels.I invited all the kids.And for my church , automatically they were invited.Everyone looked forward to that day most especially Brian and I…
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The archbishop , Mr Daniel ,of our church was more than pleased to bless our  marriage . It was my day , Brian and I prayed we enjoyed every bit of it . From the ceremony to saying the vow , it was simple but beautiful.I wore a long sea blue dress. Brian chose the colours ; sea blue and white , those were his favourite colours .He kept looking at me very closely from beginning to the end. And when he was asked he kissed me , he whispered in my ears.
” Tray , you’re beautiful ” I smiled and i couldn’t hide my joy.I guessed it was okay because i was happy.
 Everything went on perfectly. My favourite part was when the children from the dance school joined the children from the church choreography group to dance. I was shocked. They really blessed my day and I wished it would last the entire month. But one thing was sure , I wasn’t going to forget my wedding day , no ! , not so easily , it carried so much happiness.
   After the wedding , we left for our honeymoon.There we were alone in this huge house. Just he and I .I was confused and asked if it was a hotel. My dad was rich but I didn’t like big things. Anything normal and satisfying was okay for me. Brian came close to me like he usually did when he wanted to say something serious , I paid careful attention to his words .The house was ours’ and that was where we’d be leaving. Really ! ,I couldn’t believe it ,it was too huge just for only the two of us. He told me not to worry and dragged me to show me around the house. Aunty Betty and everyone would be more surprised than I was .Brian was hardworking , he took his job seriously. He deserved this.
 We got to the garden .It was just amazing.I looked around in amazement. This was not just a big house , it had this feeling of peace and comfort. I looked forward to enjoying my life with my husband and having my kids grow up in such a peaceful environment. Brian looked at me , he kissed me and then the rest became history . I knew very well he was the only gentleman in my life and from that very moment , on those grasses , in the garden , Brain got to know that too.
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The days that followed was amazingly beautiful.We had so much fun.We played games , hide and seek , swum and i  helped him finish his project works to meet the deadline . As soon as we were done with our honeymoon , we would both be back to work. I personally didn’t have much work to do so I helped him.He said I meant the world to him and he did mean same to me , everyday….
   Brian loved to wake up early to prepare breakfast for us.He did that virtually every morning. This helped me so much especially on Saturdays where I could have a little rest before going to the dance school to teach the kids. Our married life was beautiful. He was always there to listen , advice and comfort me. And when he was angry from work , I was sure to be there to help him out. We were there for each other.
About a year after our marriage , things moved on smoothly. I returned from work very tired. I retired to bed after taking a long cold bath that Friday evening. I didn’t even notice when Brian came home. That was how tired I was.I felt someone tapped me , I still had sleepy eyes. I opened them , it was Brian.
” Hey , Tray ” ,he called me ,
 ” I want to go get mum from the country side to come live with us , I would love she spent her remaining years with us.She’s sacrificed so much for me ” 
” I just want your concern Tray , this really means a lot to me ” , he added.
   ” Of course Brian dear , you can go ahead and bring mum here to live with us , I know the ordeal she’s been through Brian .Its fine with me ” , I agreed.
 He was so happy to hear me agree with his plan .He held me tightly in his arms as we drifted to sleep.
  Weekends were just perfect for me.Stress free days .The night for me was long as I really looked forward to seeing Brian’s mum. Immediately I started packing one of the rooms for her which had a balcony facing the south to let mum enjoy the sunshine and plant greenery.
There wasn’t much work in our home but we needed someone in the house .I mentioned this to aunty Betty and she suggested Dorothy moved in with us. Dorothy was done with senior high school and was awaiting results. When she heard her mum suggest she stayed with us , she was overjoyed. She begun packing her stuffs . She planned to go to our home with me that very day.
So we were three now and with Dorothy in the house , it was a full house.
From time to time I was preparing for mum’s arrival.I cleaned and dusted the entire house the least chance I got .Dorothy helped me out and it made everything a lot more easier for me…
Dorothy made everything fun , from cracking jokes to teasing.The last day of our cleaning came and I was feeling very tired. I asked Dorothy to continue while I sat watching her.
From my back, Brian came in , he startled me and gave me a hug , I was a bit scared . Dorothy saw him come but she didn’t notify me.She laughed at me looking at how scared I was.She told me she was going to help me get back at Brian.
 Brain informed us we would be going together to pick mum the following day.We looked forward to seeing Madam Jane Hudson..
  To be continued…