Broken Glass Episode 3


Senior high ended very fast.I did my best. I had a certificate in dance and was all ready to start something before I left for the university. I wanted to read Accounting in the University.I made up my mind to work as an accountant once I finished my masters.
Brother Derrick left for the states and was working with one of the best companies abroad. Brian was still on scholarship and he didn’t let his mum nor Aunty Betty down. We stayed at home for barely a year and I used that as an opportunity to teach at madam Theodora’s dance school.I loved the kids. Brian attended this class to prepare himself for the course at the country’s biggest university in Switzerland.
   My little sister Theresa left for the states with brother Derrick.Mum said she was tired of baby sitting so brother Derrick took Theresa to stay with Aunty Melody ,dad’s younger sister in the States.
Dorothy was almost done with senior high too.Time was going fast and we were all growing.
   Mr Donels paid me good salary and that kept me buying little stuffs till I left for the University the next year. Brian left too.We were still best friends ,we spoke on phone very often.I took my mind off the fact that I could never be more than a friend to Brian , we were best of friends and that’s all there was to it.School was fun.We saw less of each other and when I came home , I spent most of my days at the dance school.
   I visited Aunty Betty from time to time , we talked and shared some past memories. Brian was reading Petroleum in the university.But one thing no one apart from me knew about him was his writing ability.He was a debater.He was good  at words.
   I felt some distance but I didn’t know whether he felt it too.We were both growing  , growing apart too.         
I was at dance school one day. School was on vacation so I thought the kids at Donels’ .There was this dance instructor who was my good friend at the dance school.He was Chris.He was nice and friendly but not as nice or jovial as Brian was.He said he wanted to be my friend 
.At first I hesitated but later agreed.After lesson was over on tuesday, he asked to drive me home.I wasn’t so glad but I accepted.We got to our junction after a few minutes. I told him to alight me at the super market to get some groceries for the house.
   We got down, then I bought everything. I was done in no time .He parked at the grocery shop and I told him I lived just few distance away and a stroll to my house would be okay for me.He agreed and decided to walk me to the place.I had no option than to let him escort me.We walked and talk for a while.Just a few distance to my gate , Brian stepped out from my house.Chris gave him a wave and he walked towards us.It looked like they knew each other very well.Brian wasn’t so happy seeing me with him , I noticed carefully and that was so unusual .And one thing I knew about him very well was his shyness and he tried so hard not to look at me.I didn’t look at him in the eye too , I couldn’t.Chris said goodbye to us .Brian and I walked to his house in silence , no one said a word..
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    I loved singing in the church choir. I thought the children dance at church.I loved Bible recitals and I never missed church even in school.I still had this confession in my heart which I had tried very hard to hide.Mum and dad knew how I felt about Brian , Dorothy and Mrs Betty knew it and I realised my big brother Derrick wasn’t an exception.
   I sat on my seat , Brian came to sit by me.He looked me in the eye and asked me who Chris really was to me.The truth , to me he was just a friend.Brian cleared his throat.
 ” I think I am in love Tray – see dear ” Suddenly I coughed , it came from no where. I felt like crying. I just stood up and walked out of church.I shouldn’t have done that.I wondered how disappointed God would have been with me for walking out on Him at church service.Brian joined me outside , my actions gave me out.He smiled and began to laugh. He walked and this time around came very close. 
” I love you Tray – see , he said with so much boldness. The words came out from my mouth , I told him I loved him too.He wasn’t the shy person I knew any more. We were the happiest sweethearts from that day .
  Things changed and we became closer than ever.We called each other more often and we shared and spent time together.The university days were soon gone and we both started working .Brian worked with a company as a petroleum engineer and managed most of it’s businesses  while i worked with a law firm as an accountant. I was a working woman and I loved my job.Aunty Betty was always trying to bring back old memories we laughed about most of the time.Mum and the entire family was glad Brian and I were sweethearts now and they all expected and looked forward to our wedding.
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   Weeks turn into months , months into years .Brian was given a contract abroad in Spain , which could eventually pay off his hardwork.He had enough to fend for the entire family everyone was proud of him , including me.Few weeks later , Brian left for the States and I had mixed emotions , I’d miss him so very much….
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   The Christmas was fast approaching.The kids at church were busily preparing towards the programs that were going to take place.I spent time teaching them choreography at church and the dance school.
   Those were the things I did while Brian was away.We spoke from time to time but his letters touched my heart more.He sent money almost every month to cater for some expenses for mum and Aunty Betty. He didn’t tell me when he was getting back but I was very anxious to seeing him.
   It was a Friday ,a holiday.No work today and I heard mum frying something from the kitchen and it smelt like egg. I was so tired from all the work and promised not to get out of bed.She called severally but I used the pillows in covering my ears.I yawned and tossed like I hadn’t slept in a year.Then she called again , but this time around ,she said someone was looking for me. I prayed it wasn’t Mr James , the old man who sold the news papers ,that man was always sure to wake me up just in the name of my company sending me my copy of the day’s news papers. I was so tired and I yawned all the way downstairs.
  I was still yawning when my eyes met with him.He had grown extra nice. It was Brian, he had changed so much these few months. I run to him as he held me in his arms.He arrived last week and I was so angry he didn’t tell me he had arrived.He promised to make it up to me by taking me out.Mum laughed so hard and teased me
 ” You would have even missed seeing him if you spent another minute thinking it was Mr James.Mum knew me so well. And stayed in your room refusing to step outside ” ,she added.She kept teasing me till I rushed to my room.
  I was done in no time. I stepped out ,I wore my favourite colour. I loved orange.I  held my hair in a pony tail.He didn’t talk in my mum’s presence. We got to his car ,mum was still there , Brian didn’t say a word until we waved mum goodbye.
   ” Tray – see ,you are beautiful “, he finally said.I smiled and my dimples agreed too.I thanked him and teased him of feeling shy of mum but he said he wasn’t.We talked a lot about work and future plans when we got to Adriana’s inn. A very beautiful and then finally went to Erks’ , a very huge park in the country’s capital.The very park ,Brian ,Ann ,Dorothy,bro Derrick and I visited when we were still teenagers. 
” It’s been long we came here “.I confessed , when we arrived at the place.
“I know Tray dear, that’s why I brought you here ” We took a long walk to the places at the park. We sat on the swing 
“Would you be my wife Tray ” ,Brian asked suddenly. I became speechless.I  was so happy and screamed a big ” yes I will “. I saw the joy he felt and he hugged me , carried me.We talked about so many things and when it was getting late , we were on our way back home. We didn’t tell anyone ,at least not yet.   
He took me home , mum made a face at him for bringing me home late , he pleaded with her. She tried scolding me ,I remember telling her I was a big girl two years ago but she still treated me like little Theresa. I smiled walking upstairs to my room.Mum said I was going crazy.Of course ,I was going to be marrying the only man I truly loved.He was a friend ,everything. I was going to be Mrs Tracy Hudson and I was so excited….
 To be continued…