Broken Glass Episode 5 Final


   Mother was so happy to see us. She had grown more beautiful since I last saw her. She moved back to the country side after our wedding and upon hearing we had arrived to pick her to live with us , her joy knew no bounds.
  We arrived home late that night .Back at the countryside where mother lived , we were served delicious meals so everyone was very satisfied. One thing about Dorothy was , she loved food .Brian told her she was gaining too much weight but she laughed it off and concluded that when she got back to learning , everything would vanish. We were all tired , mother took her bath after I showed her her room. Dorothy sat in the living room busily watching television and had all her focus on a plate of potato chips. ” Aunty Betty was so right when she said you were unbelievable ” , I pushed her head while saying this and all she did was laugh at me and tell me to go to bed. I also took my bath and retired to bed , leaving Dorothy with her potato chips and her television.
The night for me was short , the morning was beautiful with birds chirping in the garden. Brian was up and served me breakfast in bed.He took his bath and I helped him put his coat on.I asked about mother , and he told me she was downstairs. I held his bag and walked him to his car outside.We said our goodbyes and off to work he went.
I entered into the living room , mother just stared at me .Then she questioned me saying , ” Tracy , do you know how awful it is for a woman to allow her husband serve her breakfast so early when he needed to hurry for work “? I became mute , but I was worried with the way mother acted. I didn’t answer her , I couldn’t.I decided to turn a deaf ear to all the protest she made since I frankly saw nothing wrong with what my husband was doing for us.
I was running late for work myself. I needed to be at the office and I thought of getting flowers for the house like I usually did. I informed Dorothy I was ready for work and adviced she took care of mum’s needs while we were away.And she did the usual ,she made faces at me.I left both Dorothy and mother sitting at the dinning taking their breakfasts…
  Brian called me while i was at work to tell me he’d be coming home early . I had completed my work at the office too and made plans to arrive home early that day. I stopped by my usual flower shop to get some flowers for the house. The flowers kept everything feeling  fresh and since I had time on my hands , I passed by the dance school and had some quality time with the kids. I realised I was tired when I finally arrived home .
I left the flowers in a vase while I searched through my bag for the keys to my room. Mother stepped out from her room. ( I greeted her.)
Me: Good evening mum .
Mum : Good evening.
Mum : ” Tracey ,why all these flowers ? ,I hope we aren’t making a flower shop in here and besides , these flowers wouldn’t last then die out.”
Me: ” Its nothing really mum , with flowers in the house , our mood would become much better. Its something I normally do.”  I smiled while saying this. Mum clearly showed her displeasure .We were still talking while Brian walked in on us.
” Heyy , mum , this is a city – people’s habit , slowly you will get used to it. Brian looked at me , we both smiled but then mum. wasn’t okay with that. Mum stopped saying anything but every time thereafter whenever I came home with flowers , she would ask how much they cost and when I told her , she would shake her head and express displeasure.
   Weeks went by after that incident. I kept buying flowers like I often did. It brought me great joy.
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   One Saturday after i closed from the dance school at Mr Donels , I went shopping for the house . Anything we needed generally. I got to the shop and Mrs Francess , a middle aged woman who happens to be a member of our church added extra clothing to the things I bought at her shop . She told me her daughter was a choreographer in the children’s ministry and she was glad how I helped the kids. That she said was her reason for making me carry extra clothing. I thanked her and drove home.
I met mum coming from the kitchen , she looked extra happy when I saw her. Dorothy came for the bags from me .Mother suddenly took the bags from Dorothy and put them on the couch. She took time and brought everything out one after the other. I watched without a word from my mouth , Dorothy did same.
   She asked me how much each item she picked cost and I told her their prices honestly. She got so upset ,got up and left some of the bags on the carpet leaving Dorothy and I standing motionless and speechless in the hall wondering why mother was angry in the first place…
I stood there shaking my head continuously and I laughed while picking the bags from the floor on the carpet. Dorothy giggled from time to time , she helped me pack the items. ” Since aunty Jane is angry, we would have ample time in the evening to make selections ” Cece , she teased. She had her way of calling me to catch my attention. I threw some clothes at her and left for my room laughing at mum’s drama.
I changed and joined Dorothy in the kitchen. She had been very helpful since she joined us in our home , she was always making us laugh and never had she mentioned the attitude her aunt showed to her mum , Mrs Betty.
   Dorothy had gained admission into a maiden university in the city. She told me she was going to start class in a week’s time.
I told her I could drop her off at school before heading towards work , she jumped up with joy and hugged me. Brian catered for her fees and I was going to see to the other school stuffs she needed. I didn’t understand why mum was acting up , everything was strange to me .Maybe she wasn’t happy with the choice her son made having me as his wife.
We were in the kitchen when mother joined us , we become quiet all at once . She offered to help with some kitchen work.
One thing I noticed mum do was how she kept all kinds of plastic bags accumulating them so she would sell them later on. This resulted in creating a mess in the house . I didn’t like this but then I knew that most women from the country side sold these bags to some companies in the cities which fetched them money. I decided not to worry myself over mum’s attitude.
Brian arrived home later in the evening. We had dinner together as we normally did. We cleared the table , and took the plates to wash in the kitchen. Mum joined us , she asked Dorothy to leave the plates in the sink and go to bed . This was so unusual of mum. She asked I went to bed too. At first , I hesitated but later I left. I didn’t want to create another problem between us.
It was nine when I woke up later , Brian asked for some water.  I hurried to the kitchen to get it. I got a drinking glass and a bottle of water from the fridge. I washed the drinking glass and my eye caught the plates , frankly they weren’t neatly washed. I opened the drawer where we kept the detergent and it looked like nothing was used . I realised mum  scrimped off the washing detergent that’s why the plates weren’t properly washed. Was mum trying to insinuate that we were mismanaging things in the house. I now understood why she offered to wash the plates. I quickly picked the plates and neatly washed them , I cleaned and parked them into the cupboard so she wouldn’t ‘t notice later on and rushed to the room with the drinking glass and the bottle of water… 
 End of season 1.
To be continued… Watch out for the second season of MY BEST FRIEND MY LOVE NEXT WEEKEND