Broken Chain” Episode 3


She knew Nana may give the excuse that he was going to have a business meeting at the hotel just like the way he lied to her some time ago only to find out that he was at his office flirting with a colleague.

Nana had to find another way of making up a good story for being at the hotel instead of being at his office.

“How did you know I was there at the hotel, you were supposed to be at home” Nana asked her.

Well, Adoley was being influenced by her childhood friend who always sticks around when Nana is at work. She was way older than Adoley yet had no reason for settling down, getting married and raising a family like every woman will do. She was the very one who hinted her about Nana’s affair at his office and now, coincidentally she saw Nana at the hotel with Adjoa and quickly informed her.

She was the kind of friend you can get details from any time there is a problem between Adoley and her husband. Adoley had accommodated her so much that, anything that goes on in her marriage, she always informs her friend Fafa, about it. She knew everything, even to the extent of their intimacy which was suppose to be very private. She knew that Adoley and Nana are trying very hard to get a child.
In her opinion, she always polluted Adoley that her husband may not be fertile enough to give her a child but Adoley always had her way since the doctors had already proven that they were both healthy.

The news was no different, Fafa was the one who informed Adoley about her husband being at the hotel with this girl she had never met before.

“Nana, that does not answer my question, I’m sure you are old enough to know that walls have ears. What were you doing at the hotel with a lady” Adoley asked.

“Look, it’s not what you think ok, I can explain. But this is not really the right time. You need to calm down first so we talk about it like a matured couple” Nana said.

“Oh so it has finally come to that right, matured couple. I’m not matured enough right, Look this is exactly what happened and I caught you right at your office screwing your own secretory…” Adoley shouted.

“Are you not going stop talking about my past all the time, For Christ’s sake, I’m not cheating on you. Am sure your friend put you up to this right” Nana said.

“Leave her out of this gentleman. I can’t believe you. Men are just dogs” She said.

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Nana couldn’t take it anymore this time around. He just went to the room and shut the door behind him. This was too much for him to bear. He may have made mistakes in the past but the more he tries to make amends for it the more Adoley makes him feel guilty each and every time.

Sometimes he blames himself for all these happenings. He didn’t cheat because he wanted to. He actually had nothing to do with his secretary. The night before the incident, Nana had come back from a long business journey which took him away from his wife for close to a month. He missed his wife, and came back home with a lot of presents and expensive gifts for her.

He thought that was a good foreplay which will eventually end them up in a romantic love making. But Adoley somehow kept pushing her own husband away as if she didn’t want him anymore.

That was what Nana felt. He felt she didn’t want him anymore. Nana tried several times but to his surprise, his own wife slapped him after he tried to kiss her. That gave him a shock of his life. It’s been a month now since he was away, was it too bad to ask her wife to make love to him? He didn’t get it. Adoley left him on the bed and went to spend the rest of the night at Fafa’s house which was only 15 minutes’ drive from Nana’s house.

The next morning he went to work feeling very depressed and frustrated. His caring secretary who noticed the mood of her boss after giving him a cup of coffee tried to be of help. One thing led to the other, when things suddenly got out of hand, Fafa and Nana’s wife Adoley came into the office and caught them in the act.  That changed everything.

Ever since, Adoley had always made Nana lived in his past. As soon as Nana went to his room and shut the door behind him, Adoley picked up the phone and made a phone call.

“Hello Fafa” Said Adoley.

“Yeah, is he back” Fafa asked..

“Yeah and guess what, he couldn’t answer my simple question” Adoley said.

“Mmm take it easy baby girl. Men of today” Said Fafa.

“Hey, What did you say the room number was. I think we should pay my rival a visit” Adoley said.

To Be continued @ 5pm