Broken Chain” Episode 4


“Mmm take it easy baby girl. Men of today” Said Fafa.

“Hey, what did you say the room number was? I think we should pay my rival a visit” Adoley said.

It went through the night, like every couple they never spoke to each other throughout the night. Nana was really bothered about this. Maybe there is no reason for hiding things. Besides his wife is already thinking that he is cheating on her, so then he might as well spill the beans, call a spade a spade and tell her everything; even if she doesn’t believe it. He has to do the right thing by telling the whole truth behind Adjoa.

Nana didn’t wake up that morning, he was already late for work. But he was his own boss so it didn’t matter that much. That very morning he wanted to tell his wife Adoley everything. He quickly took a shower and went to join his wife who was preparing breakfast at the kitchen.

“Honey Good morning, I hope you had a good night sleep” Nana greeted and asked her.

Adoley gave him a deaf ear, she didn’t answer, she just went about doing what she was doing before Nana came in.

“Hey, about last night, I just want to apologize. I’m sorry for what ever happened” Nana apologized.

To Adoley, it was as if Nana never existed, no matter what Nana said she just kept doing her own thing completely ignoring her husband.
Nana just went on telling her what she had to know.

“Well its true that I was at a hotel with a young lady but ….” Nana stopped talking. As soon as he began talking, Adoley placed earpiece in her ears and began to listen and dance to the music she was playing on her phone.

Nana was really hurt by her actions. Again she is making him feel that he was not worth talking to. He had no option than to ignore her and set off to work. After all that was what Adoley wanted.

Meanwhile, Adjoa was having a good time back at the hotel, Nana was not coming there regularly, however he had ensured that Adjoa is well fed and catered for. He was supposed to come there today. That was the promise he made to Adjoa the last time they spoke.
Adjoa was just enjoying the moment while it last. All she does is to wake up, eat, take her medication and watch television all day. That’s the only thing she had doing at the hotel. There was nothing else left to do.

Occasionally she would think about her past. The life she had been living on the streets and her mother. She always wished that she was alive. But you can’t definately bring the dead back to life.

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She was bored and had fallen asleep eventually that afternoon while watching TV. She was then woken up when Nana’s wife Adoley and her friend Fafa, barged into the room. At first she thought, it was the women from the market place where she used to hang around looking for food to eat. She corrected that. These people look expensive even with their appearance. That even made terrified her the more. She stood up quickly and went on her knees. Honestly she had no idea of what she was doing. She was just afraid and acting accordingly . Just like the way those guys came onto her and raped her, she wanted to be submissive so that she doesn’t get hurt.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I beg of you” She said while kneeling down.

“Hurt you. Have you even done anything wrong” Fafa said in a mocking way.

“Fafa, Do you realize that she is a just a young girl. Has Nana really gotten that far? Adoley said.

“I told you my sister, you should expect more of this. Men will always chase anything in skirt.” Fafa said.

Adjoa watched on as they were talking. She had no idea of what was going on or what they were talking about it.

“Please, let me go. Please” Adjoa kept on begging them.

“ As young as you are you have no decency to be in a school rather sleeping around with married men in a hotel” Adoley said.

“Madam, what are you talking about” She asked

Before she could finish, Fafa had already given her a dirty slap. That got the attention of the hotel attendant who came immediately. She saw what was going on and immediately went back to her post and made a quick call to Nana’s office.

“Hello sir, I think you should be here immediately, the guest you brought here is really in danger at the hands of two ladies” She said.

“Two Ladies? He asked.

“Yes sir” She answered
“I will be right there” He said and hanged up.

To be continued @ 7pm