Boy With Luv Episode 57


I woke up when I felt someone touching my hands. I opened my eyes and saw a man untying me. He looked really familiar. I didn’t make any move nor sound till he untied my hands l. He proceeded to untie my legs then he looked up at me. He gasped a little as his eyes met with mine.

“you look… awfully familiar” I muttered under my breath

“don’t talk” he whispered. He took my hand and placed it over his shoulder then placed his other hand behind me

“let’s get you up” he said and pulled me up gently

“where are you taking me?” I asked

“I said don’t talk” he replied and began to walk with me. We kept walking quietly through the darkness of a hallway outside the room.

We finally got outside in the cold and dark night. There was a car standing close-by with two men carrying guns by it. He took me to the car and made me sit in. While I was sitting, I saw three men sitting on the floor with their backs against the wall. They were sleeping and their guns were carelessly lying around them on the ground.

“start the car” the man ordered the driver and he started the car and drove off.

“here, take some water. You must be thirsty” the familiar man said and brought a bottle of cold water to me. I looked at him with my dull eyes. I then gently collected the bottle that became too heavy for me to carry because I had no strength. However, I managed to hold it up to my lips and gulped down a great part of it.

I gave him back the bottle and I felt refreshed and a bit strengthened. I relaxed my back and closed my eyes and I fell asleep.
I turned and felt something prick into my skin. I jerked my eyelids open and looked at my hand where I felt that pain.

“huh?” I muttered when I saw myself in a brighter room on a big bed like mine from home. I was fixed to a drip and it was the syringe that pricked me when I turned wrongly.

“Eish” I said as I rubbed my thumb on the spot. Now that place is going to get swollen.
I sighed and moved my body a little only to be greeted by pain all over.


I was trying to call Fred back but his number was no longer reachable.

“this is bad. This is so bad” I said as I paced round the hotel room

“oh my God!” Eliza exclaimed and looked at me from on top of the bed where she was sitting

“what is it?” I asked but she didn’t answer
“Eliza why did you shout?” I asked again

“it’s… Will’s been…” she stopped

My heart raced “Will’s been what?”

“he’s been ki—”

“ahhhhhhhhh! No no no! That’s a lie. You’re just joking with me Eliza. He can’t be killed! No! No! Nooo” I said and fell to the floor. I heard Eliza scream as consciousness slipped out of me


I cleared my throat and walked into the room where he was staying. Even Derulo and the rest were already there. He shouldn’t be calling for me and because of what I’ve done, I have to be really careful.

“he’s here” Maxwell announced

“finally” Caleb said and offered me a seat. The looks on their faces were not good and I had to try to blend in to avoid being suspected

“why are you all looking angry?” I asked as I collected the bottle of beer from Coloy and poured it out

“men raided our hideout and took Will” he answered

“Will? Mari’s ex? You guys already abducted him?” I asked

“yes. We abducted him yesterday” Maxwell answered

“and you guys didn’t tell me? I would have stayed here and guarded him” I said and tapped my fingers on the table

“how about Mari? She’s here already I suppose” I said

“after you gave us her address yesterday, we sent men there but the house was empty” Derulo said

“what do you mean the house was empty?” I asked

“she and her friend had left. However, their things were still intact.” Caleb said and poured himself another glass

“but I called her around 10pm and she said she was home already” I said

“are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?” Caleb asked

“someone’s giving them information” I stated

“there’s an inside man. But who could it be?” Maxwell asked

“someone who knows about the plan to abduct both of them” I suggested and we all kept quiet.
I wasn’t told that they’d be taking Wilbur. I had overhead them planning it so there was no way they’d suspect me for taking him away.


I woke up and looked down at Eliza who was rubbing my body with a wet towel. I groaned and moved. She looked at my face and sighed
“if I don’t die a natural death, then it is the fear Mari puts into me that killed me” she stated

I sat up on the bed and cuddled up my legs

“is Will really—”

“—no. He’s not dead” she cut in

“but you said he was killed”

“no… I was going to say he was kidnapped but you broke out even before I could pronounce the –d. Ugh!”

“which means he’s not dead right?” I asked rhetorically

“ohh thank God! I’m so relieved right now” I cooed while placing my hands on my chest

“hmm” Eliza sighed and continued staring at me in a weird way

“what is it? Why are you staring at me that way?” I asked. She didn’t answer me. Instead she shook her head, picked up the small bucket and the towel then left.

“is she pitying me?” I asked myself and scoffed

I picked up my phone and decided to take a picture. Immediately I raised my phone up, I remembered what she said and what it meant. Her voice echoed in my head “no… I was going to say he was kidnapped but you broke out before I could even pronounce the -D.”

My phone slipped off my hand and I screamed again. I covered my mouth and stared at the bed.

Eliza came running in from the bathroom “what is it again?” she asked

“Wilbur’s been kidnapped” I stated and she arched a brow at me. I think she was saying “so now you know?” in a sarcastic way in that mind of hers


I didn’t sleep for about an hour. I was just sitting up and calculating my fate. They said they were not going to kill me but what if I die from their torture. I’m too fragile to be mishandled.

“what I’m I going to do? How can I escape?” I asked myself. I tried to finally come down from the bed but I remembered I was connected to something

“I have to remove this” I mumbled to myself. Right then the door opened and I immediately sat still to avoid trouble.

The man who was looking like a Chinese or maybe Japanese, bowed to me

“you are awake young master” he said and lifted his head

What? Young master? Me?

“bring in the food” the man said and two ladies walked in with trays. They bowed to me first before dropping it on a table. They then left. With their outfits and face, I could tell they were Japanese.

“you should eat now. I’ll remove this“.he said and removed the injection needle from my skin. He then attached a band aid. He bowed and gestured me to the table. I was so hungry and weak that I couldn’t reject. He helped me up and led me to the table. He uncovered the food and bowed again

“can you please tell me something?” I asked

“anything. You can ask me” he answered

“which country I’m I?” I asked


“oh. And what about the guys that brought me here” I asked again

“he left this morning and ordered us to take good care of you till you recover fully” he answered and I furrowed my brows

“okay thank you” he bowed and left
I sat still and gazed at nothing

So what happened yesterday night was a rescue? Did that man rescue me? No wonder he said I shouldn’t talk. Who is he? He’s just too familiar but I can’t place my fingers on what I really need to know



“stop panicking. The police are already doing their job” Eliza said but I was still pacing around the room

“this… This doesn’t make any sense. Who would kidnap him? Is that person after us too?” I asked

“but Fred hasn’t even spoken to us since then. Are you sure this isn’t a prank?” Eliza asked

“I feel it’s not. And Will been kidnapped is a proof” I answered

“how? We’re not connected to Will anymore. If you were still his girlfriend I’d agree with you” she said and fell back on the bed

“where’s Goldie?” I asked

“hidden behind that sofa” she said and pointed to it. I wanted to walk to the sofa and pull her out but our door flung open and three men rushed in and pointed guns at us


I went back to the guys hideout and met a big shock. Mari and Eliza were tied up in the room they had kept Will. They were unconscious.

I was angry at them and at myself too. Why didn’t I move them far away first? Well if I had done that I wouldn’t be able to move Wilbur. But Will’s would have waited. Now security would be so tight around the girls. It’s going to be really hard to take them away

“I see you’ve arrived” Coloy’s voice echoed behind me. I turned to face him with a smile

“I see you got the girls” I said in return. But he didn’t smile

“yes. I did.” he answered coldly

“I also found out who helped them runaway and also who helped Will” he added

“you did? Who is it? Would you tell me?” I asked and he moved closer to me

“you and I both know who it is” he answered coldly
To Be Continued