Boy With Luv Episode 56



After the party I went straight to my car to drive home and rest my head. I sat in and closed the door when a gun slowly pointed to my head

“don’t look back” the masculine voice said
“how did you—”
“—don’t ask questions either” the voice warned
I exhaled and sat still

“drive and follow the GPS” he said and I slowly started the car. The GPS turned on and I sighed again. How did he even get into the car talk more of setting the GPS?

I began to drive, following the GPS with the gun firmly resting against my head. I would have tried those skills in action movies where they grab guns but I couldn’t for two reasons, first this is reality and second, I’m a romance actor not Vin Diesel.

I kept driving till we got out of Manila. I was scared, I tried to do something to help myself but I knew that guy was firmly watching me from behind and that gun to my head made me do nothing.

The drive was getting too long and just when I almost lost it, the GPS pad said Destination Reached. I sighed softly

“open the door and step down with your hands above your head” the man said.

I slowly got down and placed my hand on my head. I looked at the mini sized plane standing on the field just ahead of us. Men were standing there and I figured they were going to take me on the plane.

Suddenly my face got covered with a bag. I groaned loudly and tried to remove it but I was kicked in the legs and I feel to the floor. I was pulled up and got pushed forward

“walk and don’t try to do anything funny or I’ll pull this trigger” a different voice said and I obediently obeyed.

As I walked forward without seeing a thing, I felt a cold hand hold my wrist and I stopped walking

“boss wants him alive and well, putting a bag over his head could suffocate him. So…” the voice stopped. Next I felt a syringe dipped into my neck, I shivered slightly and lost consciousness in less than thirty seconds.

Mari ?
“hey, you’re up” Eliza said as she sighted me coming down the stairs

“yeah I am” I answered and walked to her on the couch

“how are you feeling?” she asked
“terrible headache” I answered and leaned on her

“I’ll get you some pain killers” she said and I sat properly. She stood up and walked away. She was watching TV and I tried to watch too but it made my head pound so I just did myself the favour of looking away.

She got back with W glass of lukewarm water and a a tablet for me to take. I collected them and took the drug then proceeded to drink down the whole water. Drinking lots of water actually helps in curing headaches.

“are you hungry?”
“Nah. I’m good” I answered and placed my legs on the couch

“what did you tell Fred?” I asked
“that you haven’t returned”

“he’d be worried”

“yeah. I’ll call him and tell him you’re home later” she stated and I nodded

“do you wanna go on a vacation this holiday instead of going home?” Eliza asked

“vacation? To where?” I asked
“we could go out of the country” Eliza said and I looked at her and arched a brow

“out of the country?” I asked like I didn’t hear what she said

“yeah. We could go to the US. Or, UK. How about the Maldives? Let’s just go somewhere fun” she said and stood up

“no Eliza. I don’t have money to spare for vacation. The one I have left, I can just use it to fend for myself for the next years I’ve got in school. And what about when I graduate? Won’t I need money to start up something? I don’t wanna be extravagant, spend all my money and go back to being a pauper” I said and closed my eyes

Eliza sighed loudly
“when was the last time you read your text messages?” she asked

“I don’t know. There’s nothing important there anymore. All the messages there are from customer care services” I answered not opening my eyes

“you have an unread message that has been there for the past two months” she said

“customer care”

“it’s not customer care”
I didn’t speak, was waiting for her to tell me what it was

“it’s an alert of 5 million pesos from Wilbur Sanders” she stated and I jerked my eyelids open and threw myself up

“WHAT!” I asked
“he sent it to you on the night you guys broke up” she said

“what? No he didn’t. He didn’t tell me he sent me anything” I said

“maybe he just didn’t tell you. I actually found out yesterday and I was so surprised. Really surprised” Eliza said

“he sent me that much? Where is my phone? I don’t believe you” I said

“you left it upstairs I think. I’ll go get it” she said and ran upstairs. I sat down

“five million pesos? That much? Why?” I asked myself

Then I tried to remember what happened that night

(short flashback)

“let’s just get this over with. Mari I’m breaking up with you” he said with a stern expression


“I’m sure you heard me right. I’ve lost my feelings for you and good thing is, I already found a new lover. I was with her that night before I got drunk“

I was just staring at him. I didn’t comprehend any word

“I’m sorry it has to end this way Marigold Cruz. We had a fun time together but it’s over now. Make sure you take care of yourself with this” he said and typed into his phone. My phone beeped and he smiled at me, took his phone, walked up to me, kissed me on my forehead for like five or more seconds and left.

(end of flashback)

“oh, so that’s when he sent the money? But thinking about this now, why did he linger when he was kissing my forehead? He didn’t feel like he wanted to leave me, did he?” I asked myself

“here it is!” Eliza squealed as she raced down the stairs.

She sat beside me and handed me the phone
“I remember when he sent it now. He typed on his phone that night and mine beeped. But I didn’t take note” I said as I stared at the message. Eliza had already opened it before giving it to me.

“he’s still very generous. So what do you say? Vacation or not? You can’t say no because taken out of this won’t make you poor”

“where exactly do we go?” I asked and she jumped up


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I opened my eyes after I felt water being poured on me. I was sitting on the floor with my hands tied, my legs were also tied and the rope was connected to the one on my hand.

“wakie wakie” a voice I recognize as Derulo said. I looked as the three of them stared down at me

“what’s this all about? What I’m I doing here?” I asked

“I told you we’d be back” Derulo said with a grin

“aren’t you glad we even gave you a two months break?” Coloy asked and bent down in front of me

“I’ve missed you baby” he said and ran a finger on my face. I wanted to grab that finger with my mouth and pluck it off

“are you hungry? Let’s get you something to eat” Maxwell said. I rolled my eyes

“I don’t want your food. Just get me outta here!” I yelled and the three psychos suddenly began to laugh

“Willie, you had your chance and you ruined it. We gave you an opportunity to save your life but you snubbed us. If you had gotten back with us we would have saved your sorry self from him but since you’re here already, we can’t do anything but obey him and watch him deal with you” Maxwell stated

“him? Who’s him?” I asked as I stared at them in confusion

“I’m him!” another manly voice answered. I looked at the door where the voice had come from and saw a silhouette of a tall and muscular person. The light from the door was bright so I couldn’t see his face. It was at that point I realized that I was in a not so bright room.

The man got closer and closer until I could see his face.

“you” I muttered

“why did you bring me here?” I asked him

“because you somehow took what belongs to me” he answered

“what belongs to you? I took what belongs to you? No I didn’t. I didn’t take anything” I said. He smirked and bent down in front of me where Coloy had bent down before standing up when they were laughing

“Marigold Cruz” he pronounced and I furrowed my brows

“Marigold Cruz. My ex girlfriend. I’m sure she didn’t mention anything about me to you, did she?” he asked and I slowly shook my head without even thinking

He stood up and sighed

“Ahh that girl can be very secretive” he muttered and looked to Maxwell

“get me a baseball bat” he said and smiled at me

Baseball bat? Who wants to play baseball?

“relax, I’m not gonna kill you at all. I’m just gotta hurt you a lot” he said and the others chuckled and stared at me

“no please, I’ll pay you enough money. I’ll pay you, just let me go” I pleaded

Maxwell returned with the bat and he collected it and immediately smacked it across my left arm. I gave a painful yell and fell to the right. I’ve never been beaten up before, going through this might kill me.

He hit my left leg and hit my cheek too. I just kept screaming while my so called friends just stared at me.

“uhm, that’s… That’s enough” I heard Maxwell say to the man but he kept hitting me

“what are you doing? Let me go! Let me hurt him like we planned” he yelled but I didn’t feel his blows. I opened one eye only because surprisingly, the other eye wouldn’t open. I saw Derulo and Maxwell holding him from me

“we agreed on two blows but you gave him five already” Coloy’s cool voice said

“oh so that’s what this is about? Fine, I’ll leave him now let me go” he said and the guys left him

Coloy helped me to sit up and whispered into my ears, “it’s not over yet” Then he gave me a cold glare and moved away

Author’s POV
Caleb had met Coloy, Derulo and Maxwell in jail. The three were wanted internationally so they were jailed in the USA, that was how they met Caleb.

Caleb had connections and was going to be released in less than a month of being jailed. The guys had told him how they got there and who Wilbur Sanders was to them and also how they wish to pay him back for ditching them. He knew about Mari’s relationship with Wilbur Sanders so he told them that their ex boyfriend was in a relationship with his ex girlfriend. There they had planned to escape with Caleb and pay the two of them back. Caleb wasn’t really in for revenge on Will, he just selfishly wanted Mari for no reason. However, the guys wanted to hurt Mari, to take her away so they could have Wilbur again.

The two parties didn’t know they each had different plans against each other’s desires


Mari ?
It was past midnight when my phone began to ring. Fred was calling and I was surprised as to why he was calling me at an odd hour.

I picked up
?hello Fred
?Mari get out of there! Get out of your house now! People are coming to get you

I sat up immediately
?leave with Eliza and Goldie now!

?okay, okay

I jumped out of the bed and headed to Eliza’s room even though I didn’t know who was coming for me and how Fred knew. All I knew was that I had to run away from my house

I banged on Eliza’s door repeatedly
“open up Eliza! Open up!” I yelled and it opened

“hey what’s wrong? What’s happening?” she asked panicking

“we have to… get out of here now” I said with my heart pumping fast

“why? What is it?” she asked with panic rising in her eyes

“Fred just called me. He said people are coming to get me that I need to get out now” I answered

“people? How did he know?” she asked

I pushed her “enter your room and grab your phone let’s get out!” I yelled and she shivered and entered inside. I followed and opened her wardrobe. I took cloths and threw them into a bag I picked from her table

“Marigold what if he was just joking?” Eliza asked

“and what if he was not joking?” I asked back

“let’s get out of here” I said and pulled her along. We raced down the stairs

“Goldie! Goldie come out!” I yelled and she came running in

“where’s your lease? Bring it” I said and she ran back. She came back with it in less than five seconds. I quickly buckled it and made to the door.

“your car keys? Where are your car keys?” Eliza asked and I lifted it up. I had taken it with my phone

We entered inside the car and I drove to the gate. Eliza came out and opened it, I drove out and she closed it. The security guard had taken the weekend off. Eliza came out through the smaller gate

“did you lock the gate inside?” I asked
“yeah. I did” she replied and closed the door

I heaved a sigh and drove out.

Author’s POV
Ten minutes after driving off through the right street, Caleb’s men came driving in through the left street. They jumped over the fence and got in then opened the gate. Their van drove in and they headed into the house which was already empty.

To Be Continued