Boy With Luv Episode 55


I was no longer comfortable. I felt suddenly hot and thirty

“are you okay? You look tense all of a sudden” Fred asked and I laughed

“I’m fine. Come on focus, the bride and groom are about to kiss” I said with a fake smile. He stared at me as if he didn’t believe me before looking forward. I didn’t expect him to believe me though, I was terrible at pretending and besides, my face looked sad already.

The couple kissed and turned to look at us. Everyone stood up to clap and cheer except me, I was absentminded

“Mari” Fred whispered
“uhh? Oh oh. I’m sorry” I quickly said as I was standing up. They walked through the aisle amidst the cheers and the guests started walking out too, heading for the wedding party

“isn’t my cousin beautiful?” he asked
“very. Very beautiful” I answered and smiled. He held my hand and we walked out together. I could see Will and Wini walking side by side out of the church

“your veins are turgid Marigold. Are you angry?” I exhaled

“there are lots of rich and sophisticated people here” I said with worry in my voice

“hey you’re with me. Besides you’re not any different from rich and sophisticated”

I kept quiet. If only he knew how I lived before and how Will changed my life.

“are you enjoying the party?” Fred asked when he got back. He handed me a glass of champagne which he went to get

“yeah. I am” I replied. That was a lie though, I really wanted to go home

“but why do you look tensed? Is something bothering you? Is it still about the rich and sophisticated?” he asked again and I heaved a deep sigh

“just tired of standing” I said and laughed nervously

“okay then. Let’s go say hi to my cousin first. She’d love to see the girl I brought”

“just her?” I asked. I didn’t want to meet Lucas her husband

“her and the groom of course” he answered

“uhhh… I’ll be right back. I need to use the restroom first. Wait for me here” I said and gave him back the glass. I didn’t even take a sip

“why don’t you just gulp it down?”

I was already hurrying away “don’t worry I’ll take it later” I said and turned away from him. I held my dress up a little and hurried away. I felt pressed and stressed out too.

When I reached the restroom, I saw Winifred standing there with her arms crossed and a straight face like she was waiting for me.

“Winifred?” I asked. Ever since the breakup we haven’t seen or talked. She didn’t talk to Eliza either

“hey babe. Been awhile” she said with a smirk. I gulped down and walked to the sink. I began to wash my hands with soap

“look I’m sorry about what happened between you and Will” she began and I just gulped down again

“I don’t know what’s gotten into Will. He’s changed and is so bitter towards even me” she said and I scoffed

“what’s that?” she asked

“stop acting like you don’t know your brother is now gay and even a drug addict” I spelt out as a matter-of-factly without sparing her a look

“wait. What?” she asked and I looked at her shocked face

“are you gay too? Just in case you are don’t even try hitting on Eliza because she’s straight” I said and walked out of the restroom. I was no longer pressed

I walked to Fred and sighed

“you’re back” he said and smiled

“I wanna go home” I said straightly


“nothing” I replied with no emotion

“did something happen in the restroom Mari?” he asked and raised a brow.

What’s the need of hiding it from him? He’s been my comfort so I just gotta tell him

“I saw my ex boyfriend’s sister in the restroom” I said

“what? His sister? What is she doing at my cousin’s wedding?” he asked. I didn’t want to tell him that they were Luca’s younger siblings because he’d know it’s Wilbur. I just don’t want him to know it’s Wilbur that’s my ex

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask her” I replied

“what did she say to you?” he asked

“she was trying to make me feel pathetic” I answered and scoffed

I rolled my eyes and they suddenly wet up with tears. I looked at the direction I rolled my eyes to and I saw Will. He was looking at me and he wouldn’t take his eyes off. I was the one who looked away angrily and blinked my eyes

“Fred. I have to go. I just can’t stay here …anymore” the last word I pronounced was actually in sobs. I had began to cry already.

I ran and hurried outside to get a taxi.
I heard Fred calling me but I didn’t look back, I flagged down a taxi and entered

“McDiamonds please” I said to the driver and he drove off

I saw her going back to that guy again and I felt really bad. What is he doing with her? He’s really trying to take my place isn’t he?

She looked towards my direction and our eyes met. Stupid me couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She was the one who looked away and later hurried off with that guy running after her.

I heaved a sigh and chugged down my drink.

Winifred walked in gently and sat beside me

“she looked pretty bad. How did it go in there?” I asked. I had actually asked her to go wait for her in the restroom when a waiter overhead her telling that guy that she was going there. And yes, I asked waiters to eavesdrop on her conversation with him and tell me. That was a big risk because I didn’t know if some of the waiters were working for my foes.

“she… Kinda found out you were gay” Wini whispered and my eyes widened

“what!” I yelled and people looked at me.

“calm down bro” Wini said. I began to breathe really fast

“I have no idea who told her but I think it has to do with your friends. They want her to hate you by thinking you left her to be gay. The way she said it, I think she doesn’t know you stopped being gay years before you met her”

“dammit! It’s definitely them. But who is it that they’re using? Are they coming to her directly or indirectly?” I asked in hushed tones

“they’re wanted criminals. I don’t think they would be going around casually. They’re definitely using someone. Remember they told you they’ve got informants.”

“yeah you’re right”

“and Will, I really advice you to move on with your plans of exposing those guys. How long are you going to stay under their shadow?”

“Wini I’m as confused as hell. I don’t know what to do. I know I said I was going to try and deal with them but how? They’ve got evidence against me and if they go down, I go down too”

“how about you deliberate with them? They might want some money. Tell them to let you and Mari be and you’d pay them for it”

I thought about what Wini said for about a minute. It could work out that way. Those guys are definitely broke now having escaped prison.

“do you have any way to contact them?” Wini asked

“yeah, there’s a private number they used to call me” I answered

“good. Call them and talk to them.”
“sure” I said and sighed

“I’m gonna get some pie. Want some?” I didn’t answer immediately

“the wedding pie is really good. And it’s about time you blend in before everyone reads on your face that you’re having love crisis” she said and I chuckled

“okay” I said and stood up. While walking past people, I saw that guy who was with Mari earlier talking with Claudia Buenos. I needed to know who he was and what in the world he’s doing with my Mari. I brought out my phone and stood at a spot where people wouldn’t really note my movements and where I could see his face clearly. I took his picture and returned my phone.

Later Lucas signaled me to come to him. I did so and he frowned at me.

“what is it?” I asked with worry

He looked at his bride who was speaking with some of her friends I suppose. He looked back at me and cleared his throat

“this is the most boring wedding party I’ve ever been to” he said with a low but deep voice. I chuckled and looked away

“is that why you frowned?” I asked jokingly. Ever since Lucas came to Mari’s birthday party, he’s been so soft at me. We began to get along

“oh I actually frowned because you didn’t tell me that you broke up with Marigold” he said with a straight face. I rubbed my forehead and looked down

“what happened? That girl was your life force”

“it’s complicated. I just… I can’t explain it here” I shuttered

“sort things out with her. She doesn’t deserve to be with that punk. She’s not even happy with him” he said and I furrowed my brows

“who?” I asked
“Fred Buenos. Claudia’s cousin” he answered

“Fred Buen…” I paused and gritted my teeth

“so that guy is Claudia’s cousin. What the heck is he doing with my Mari!” I said in a yell but not loud enough

“he said they’re dating. He actually didn’t bring her to me. But he had told us that he’d be coming with his new girlfriend and I saw him with Mari. I got really angry. I hate that guy. All of them!” he said referring to the Buenos.
I had learnt recently that his marriage with Claudia was just a contract. The marriage was pure business and I doubt if it’d ever produce children. One of the reasons the party’s boring is because of lack of love. It was more like a ‘let’s get this over with’ stuff.

“I’ll deal with him.” I said with rising anger. I was angry at him for trying to take my place and also angry at Mari for letting him do so. That was a silly anger though because she has every right to let him. I hurt her.


“did you bug her like we asked you to?” Derulo asked me

“yes I did. Here’s the recording” I said and gave it to him. He played it

“nothing suspicious happened. Also the past weeks she’s been speaking less of him. I almost thought she was already getting over him until she met his sister” I explained

“and did she see him?” Maxwell asked

“of course she did. But he had no emotion towards her. Didn’t even come close to her” I answered

“Hmmm. Then we’re almost there. Make sure you get her ready. Always know her whereabouts. He wants her before next month, we’ve delayed too much already”Derulo said and I nodded. I came to find out that they were against her relationship with their ex lover. They wanted him back and someone wanted Mari so they teamed up and tore them apart. They even sent a video of them in the act with Wilbur Sanders. It was an old video but they edited it. I’m still getting more info. I feel sorry for Mari. She’s going through pain with that feeble heart of hers

Mari ?

“he was looking so good looking! So handsome I wanted to run to him and beg him to come back to me!” I cried out and palmed my already tear-soaked face, crying really hard.

“Mari, Mari please stop this. Stop or else I’m gonna join you to cry” Eliza said, from her voice I knew she was very close to tears

“I know he loves me. Will still loves me. You need to see the way he looked at me Eliza. He was crying internally.” I said and sniffed. She gave me another tissue and I used it and threw it into the heap of wet and scrunched tissues on the floor

“something’s not right. Someone is trying to pull us apart. No. No I can’t let this happen. I can’t let Will leave meeeeeeeee… Ahhhhhhhhhh” I entered another round of tears

“Mari… Mari please” Eliza was already crying. I hugged her and continued to cry. Goldie jumped on the couch and began to lick our faces mostly mine. She was a big dog now

Repeated knocks on the door made us stop crying. We cleaned our faces and Eliza checked who it was through the pinhole

She looked at me and whispered “Fred”
I frowned and stood up. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. I went upstairs with Goldie without saying anything to Eliza though I knew she’d understand that I didn’t want disturbance.

I just wanted to cry my eyes out. I know it’s been two months without him already but seeing him today made the memory so fresh as if he had broken up with me today.

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Eliza ?
I wanted to open the door but I looked at the used tissues.

“oh no” I muttered and quickly walked back and pushed all of them under the couch. I walked back to the door and opened it slowly. When it opened, he walked inside and I first of all yawned drowsily and blinked my eyes without opening then fully

“hey Eliza” he hailed at me

“uhhh Fred?” I asked. I cleared my eyes with my hand and looked at him well
“Fred” I called

“were you sleeping? Your face is red” he said. I yawned again and even stretched
“yeah yeah. Why… Ahh. Why are you here? Where’s Mari? Still at the party?” I asked. Somebody give me some accolades for my great acting skills

“Mari? I thought she was here. She left the party” he said

“what? She left the party? Why would she leave the party?” I asked

“she… She saw her ex sister and they threw some unpleasant words at each other” he answered and I gasped

“oh my goodness! That’s bad. What was she doing there? Gosh! When did she leave the party?”

“about two hours ago”

“what!” I screamed and he flinched
“two hours ago!” I screamed again

“you have to find her!” I screamed again

“I tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up” he said

I sighed
“okay. Don’t worry I’ll handle it. I’ll call her if she doesn’t come home in the next one hour” I said

“call me if she comes back or doesn’t come back”

“okay I will. I’ll go back to bed now and if she’s not back before I wake up, I’ll call you. Okay?”

“sure. Thank you” he said. I opened the door wide and he walked out

“bye” I said
“bye” he answered and I closed my door

I waited until I heard him start his car
“phew!” I breathed out.

I went upstairs and found Mari asleep. Goldie was sitting on the bed beside her and looking over like a guardian angel

“hey. Come over here. Don’t wake her up” I said in a whisper. She jumped down from the bed and we walked out together.

Honestly I feel really bad for Marigold. She’s fallen so much in love with Wilbur like she wasn’t the girl who didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

I regretted making her accept him only for her to go through tough heart break. In another way I didn’t really regret. If she hadn’t accepted him we would still be living wretched without a proper house. Will made us rich in a way. Mari has lots of money, the ones he gave her to spend which of course she refused to and stored it up. The ones she got paid with after modelling alongside Wilbur for a magazine. What about the monthly payment she receives from one agency for letting them use her face in a billboard. A billboard! Just a billboard. Lots of opportunities were open for her but she didn’t want to receive them. In her words, “they’re a distraction to me. I just wanna study now”.

Even after the breakup that the news was everywhere, some shows wanted to feature her to talk on the reason for their breakup, and of course they’d pay her. But Mari didn’t agree to feature in their shows. Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Winifred for a little talk without Mari’s knowledge
To Be Continued