Boy With Luv Episode 54



I woke up in a hospital with eyes so dull and heavy I almost decided not to open them. I saw a girl sleeping with her head resting on a table close to the wall. At first I didn’t recognize her but I later realized it was Eliza.

“Eliz… Eliza… Eliza” I called weakly. I moved my hand from my stomach to the bed
“Eliza” I called again while hitting my hand gently on the bed. She stirred a little

“Wake up Elizabeth” I said and she yawned and sat up

She opened her eyes and stayed at me without recognition. She was still turning on her system. I stared at her and waited for her to resume. Few seconds later she gasped

“Mari! Oh my God! My honey pie” she cooed and got up from the chair immediately. She ran to me and hugged me gently

“oh thank God! You’re awake. I was so scared. Ah you really scared me” she stated and sat on the bed beside me

“what happened? How did I get here? I remember lying down on the floor” I said

“yes. I came and saw you lying on the floor, grey and scaly. Your body system crashed. The doctor said you’ve developed high blood pressure and you have too much cholesterol in your body” she said and I sighed

“really” I said
“what happened? Why did you lie down on the floor?” she asked and I shrugged

“you went through the internet, didn’t you?” she asked and I was silent

“hmm, you should keep off the internet for now. For your own good, at least until you recover fully. Both emotionally and physically”

“thanks” I said.

“let me call the doctor” she said and was about to climb down the bed when I placed my hand on hers, making her stop

“what?” she asked
“I’m sorry I yelled at you and said mean words to you. I wasn’t in my right mind then. And thank you for coming back today, maybe I would have died if you didn’t”

“it’s okay. I’m here for you, always” she said and pecked my cheek

“I’ll go get the doctor” she said and ran out of the room

I looked at the drip I was receiving. I wondered how long I had been out.

“you’re awake. Thank goodness! You got all of us worried” a masculine voice said at the door. I looked and frowned

“hey I know you don’t like me at all but that’s not gonna stop me from helping you” he said and I scoffed

“what are you doing here?” I asked him

“I came to see if you’re getting better” he replied and sat on the chair Eliza sat earlier.

“did Eliza call you?”
“no, I came to your house to give you something but I met a panicking Eliza” he said

‘‘and how did you know my house?” I asked and he smirked. The doctor walked in and Eliza followed, limping, Why was she limping? Did she hurt her foot as she was running out earlier?

“oh Fred! You’re here” she exclaimed and I shook my head. I then exchanged pleasantries with the doctor who began to run immediate tests on me.

“Eliza how long have I been out” I asked her
“like ten hours or 12” she answered and I nodded and swallowed

I smiled as I clicked on the camera and took a pretty selfie. I looked cute in my white hoodie.

“it’s really nice to see you smile again” Eliza said. She was holding a coffee cup in her hand and it was obvious she looked tired

“you look tired” I said and took more selfies.

“yeah. Ugh! Those assignments gave me a tough time” she said and yawned. She sat down on the sofa and sipped her coffee

“why didn’t you tell me to help you?” I asked her

“because it would stress you out and that’s the thing I don’t want for you”

“yeah yeah. You and acting like my mom” I said jokingly and she chuckled

“what movie are you going to see?” she asked and I sighed softly and pocketed my phone
Yes I was going to see a movie with that jerk Fred. He said I should compensate him or thank him for helping my life by watching a foreign movie with him. I only agreed because I wanted to clear my head of different things. I even kept postponing it and using my exams as an excuse but now that they’re over, I just gotta go watch it. I got discharged from the hospital after being there for two days and it’s been two months already. Time flies

“I don’t know really. Maybe Hollywood” I answered and sat beside her

“or maybe those super hit romantic Filipino dramas. Especially the one that…” she paused and bit her lower lip

“that what?” I asked
“can you get me some popcorn while coming back?” she asked
“you were going to mention Wilbur, weren’t you?” I asked calmly

“I’m so sorry. It was my tongue. It almost slipped” she apologized and I chuckled

“it’s fine. I’m over him now. I guess we were just not meant to be” I said and she hugged me

“I’m glad you’re over him. At least now we can live a normal life. We have a huge house, and fat account. What more?” she asked and kissed my cheek.

A car honked outside

“uuuh! Must be Fred! Gotta go bestie. Bye!” I said and hurried away

“remember my popcorn”


I got outside and walked to the car. He came outside and smiled at me

“hey Fred. You came quite early today” I said and he chuckled
“unlike me right?”
“you’re late to everything. Especially class” I said and he chuckled and ran a finger on my face. That made me shiver a little because I wasn’t expecting that move. He keeps flirting with me which is so annoying

“awwwn you guys are so cute” Eliza cooed from the door of the house. She was teasing me. She knew I didn’t really really like Fred and she too is beginning to dislike him, he’s full of himself

“you can say that again” Fred said, raising his voice for her to hear and I rolled my eyes

“are we going now or we’re gonna let the movie go halfway”

“we’re going now. Come on” he offered me his hand and I shove it off

“bye Eliza” I said and waved at her
“take care dear” she said and walked through the door

He offered to open the door for me.

“I’ll open it myself” I protested
“that makes me less of a gentleman” he said
I pushed him away and opened the door
“nothing about you is gentle” I said with a smirk

He raised a brow “seriously?” he asked. I cracked a smile and sat in. I didn’t even know why I smiled, I guess I was just in a good mood.
He exhaled and went round then sat in too.
He started the car and drove off.

“there’s a wedding coming up this weekend” he said
“yours?” I asked jokingly
“I’m not the type that get married early okay, I want to live life to the fullest” he said and I rolled my eyes. Disgusting playboy life

“the wedding is for my cousin”

“male or female?” I asked
“female” he replied
“wow, nice”
“I want you to be my plus one” he said
“no I’m not the outdoor type. At least, not anymore” I said

“still because of the ex?” he asked and I kept quiet

“did he take you out often?” he asked again

“yeah” I causally replied

“you miss him, don’t you?”
“a whole lot” I answered and looked out the window, I know I told Eliza earlier that I was over him. Well, maybe not. But at least I can stop myself from thinking about him now.

“what is his name? Maybe I might know him” Fred said. He’s not really current with the news in Philippines, whether politics or entertainment. He’s still trying to even know the name of the president and vice. He keeps forgetting it

“let’s change topic please” I pleaded without looking away from the window.

Fred ?
Mari and I had gotten close a little. I liked her personality, she on the other hand hated mine. She is so free-spirited. Doesn’t even seem like someone that could keep a grudge, but her anger is eissshhhh! I began to wonder why Coloy and his friends paid me to woo her.
Are they planning to hurt her?
Maybe rape? But they’re not bisexuals. I wonder what innocent Mari did to them. At a point I didn’t want to work for them anymore. But I knew I couldn’t quit, those guys are dangerous. They could have my head ordered on a platter of gold an hour before dinner and it’d be ready, steamed, creamed and served exactly during dinner time.

I however decided to try and do my own research on why they want me to earn Mari’s trust and get to change her mentality. Oh, just so you’d know, I’m a graduate of psychology. I was running my second degree in Europe before this call came

Anyway, I did a huge mistake by choosing a romance movie for Mari and I to go and see. It was supposed to bond us but I think it brought her closer to her ex. The ex I still don’t know. She was shedding literal tears and eventually ran out of the hall. I ran after her and stopped her from running further

“what is wrong with you? Compose yourself and let go of him already” I said angrily. Yes, I was pissed at her for loving him so much and not being able to let him go.

“no, I want him. I want him back” she protested and tried freeing herself from my grip

“I know you want him back but that’s not the issue” I said and she stared at me, sniffing.
“the issue is, does he want you back?” I asked and I felt her tense body calm down or more like, loose hope.

“he doesn’t want you back. He’s already with someone else” I said and her eyes slowly welled up with tears. She sobbed and I pulled her into a hug and let her cry

Will ?
“I want her back! I don’t want anybody else!” I yelled and threw my phone on the bed

“hey stop yelling! I’m not the reason you broke up with her!” Wini yelled back at me

“damn” I muttered and sat on the floor

“right now I’m just scared. Scared for you. Those guys want you back in their business and they might threaten you with their evidence or still use Mari knowing how much you love her” Wini said and I looked at her

“no. No that can’t happen” I said with a pinch of fear

“yes it can and you know it” she said and I huffed

“why did my life turn out like this?“ I asked myself

“because you headed to your tutors sexual advances?” Wini asked though it was more like a statement

“you’re making matters worse Winifred” I stated

“do you have anything in mind to do to them?” she asked

“I need to plan something” I answered

“whatever it is, just know I’m in full support of you” she said and I smiled

“thanks Wini” I said



I didn’t want to go to the wedding but I changed my mind on the day it was to be held. I wanted to go out so I decided to go. I called Fred and told him to pick me up. I then dressed up and told Eliza I’d be going. She was surprised but let me go anyway.

When I got to the wedding ceremony with Fred, everything was going smoothly until I got a clear and perfect look of the groom’s face. He was Lucas Sanders! I looked at the front and saw him seated there, just three pews away from us. I was in the same building with Wilbur Sanders!
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy

For those of you having questions and confusions, don’t worry everything will unfold and fall into place.