Boy With Luv Episode 58



I tried my very best to act cool despite his cold glare. If he had found out then I’m in trouble. I should have hired someone to do that job for me but I couldn’t trust anyone but myself. I just hope my little cover up worked

“you… It’s you” he said and I scoffed

“me? Can you stop kidding and tell me who it is?” I asked

“I just told you. It’s Yu. The Chinese American who went off duty yesterday” he said and looked at the girls. I heaved a sigh, he didn’t hear it though. My cover up had worked. I paid him off and told him to run away to a faraway country and fake a new identity. I had actually threatened him with all his crimes. He was my fish bait.

“have you gotten him?” I asked

“no. We only pointed him out as the one who helped them. He was seen in Manila the night our men raided their house but he wasn’t part of the men we sent. The next time he was seen was the night Wilbur went missing from here and now we can’t find him. But we will” he said assuredly and pocketed his hands

“finally we got the girl. The girl who helped us out of prison. If not for her we’d be rotting in prison for the rest of our lives” Coloy said to himself. I looked at Marigold.

What he meant was that they only got helped out of prison because of her issue.

“get rid of the other girl for me. I only need the short one” he said and walked out of the room

I looked at Eliza and smirked. I walked to her and shifted her from Marigold. I went out of room and went to get a body bag from one of the men. I returned and put Eliza in it then carried it to my car. No guard asked me anything and that must be because Coloy already told them.

But as I got to the car I met the same Coloy there.

“is she dead already?” he asked and I nodded

“give it to one of the boys to dispose it. I have something to discuss with you” he said and I looked at the boys with him

“I rather get it done. We still don’t know who is who among these men” I said and tried moving forward to go but two of the boys blocked me. Coloy laughed and walked to me

“Fred… You know I like you. I really like you and that’s why I’m giving you this opportunity to live.” he said and moved really close to me. He leaned against me and whispered into my ears

“I know what you did. And I’m only forgiving you because you took Will away from that Caleb. I hope he’s in somewhere safe” he asked and I just nodded

He shifted away from me

“good. We don’t need the girl anymore. We only used her to get Caleb to help us. Therefore we’re getting rid of her” he said

“boys take the bag” he ordered and they rushed at me and took the bag

“please… Don’t do this. Her friend didn’t do anything” I protested

“what? I thought you said she’s dead already” he said and I gulped down

“she’s not dead?“ he asked and the boys dropped the bag. He signaled them to open it and one of them did. He checked her pulse and nodded to Coloy. Immediately, Coloy waged at me and punched me. I staggered back and he jacked me up by the collar and pushed me to the ground

“you punk! What’s your aim here! What is wrong with you?” he asked angrily and I touched my busted lip.

He exhaled and brought out a pistol

“you know one thing about me? Nobody works against me. I only use people who are useful to me” he stated

“oh come on man! You’re overreacting!” I said

“not really. We were going to finish you off after you got us the girl but I liked you so I waved it off. But now you’re obviously not on our side anymore. I’ll just go with the first plan” he said and pointed the gun at me

“okay, okay I’m sorry. You don’t have to do this!” I begged because I realized Coloy was a pervert. His eyes looked like a vampire ready to suck blood and I thought he was the good one among them.

But this issue isn’t even enough to kill someone. I thought he was happy I took Wilbur. Why does he want to get rid of Eliza? Does he also want to get rid of Mari? Maybe torture her first? No, I can’t let that happen. I don’t want Mari to feel any more pain

“step away from him” a cold and thick voice ordered. Coloy looked back immediately and dropped the gun from pointing at me.

“don’t kill him yet. Get him to bring back Wilbur” he said as he walked past me towards the building. I didn’t see his face clearly but by the voice, I can tell it’s neither Caleb nor Derulo and Maxwell.

“you’re lucky sweetheart” Coloy said with a smile. I exhaled and sat up

“boss, what about this girl?” one of the boys asked

“take her inside too. Let’s wait for what Ortiz has to say about her first.” he replied and the boys nodded and left

“you’re taking me to go and see Wilbur” he said to me with a smirk across his face


I stirred on a very cold surface and opened my eyes. I was lying down on the floor in a room that was empty. I tried to carry myself up but I couldn’t move freely. I looked at my hands and there were tied

“Oh my God!” I mumbled and looked around the room that I couldn’t see fully because I was lying down on my side.

My mind darted back to the hotel room. How those men made us follow them to the rooftop. After pointing guns at us, they ordered us to move with them and not make any sound. We had to do as they said even though they had tucked their guns away while walking us to the rooftop. If we tried to run, they were about five and would catch us in those long and empty hallways. And there was no way we could run down to the lobby quickly because we were on the fifth floor. If we were to try and use the elevators, they’d catch us before we reach it. And if were lucky enough to reach the elevators, they would catch us before it opens or before it closes back.

I sighed softly as I laid down on that cold floor. It was like I had surrendered already so I wasn’t going to struggle anymore.

But where is Eliza? Did they keep her somewhere else? Or did they hurt her? Did they hurt Eliza?!

Right then the door flung open and a man walked in. I had seen his legs first before I looked up at his face. I gasped when I saw his face. He smirked at me and came to bend down beside me.

“surprised to see me baby” he said and stroke my hair

“are you behind this?” I asked

“partially” he replied “I’ve missed you” he added

“get your hand off my hair you jerk!” I ordered and he chuckled

“obviously you still hate me. Can’t you forgive?” he asked

“Caleb move away from me!” I yelled and he sighed and stood up

“don’t worry. I’m here for you okay. I won’t let them hurt you” he said, winked at me and left. I screamed in frustration and kicked my legs that were also tied together.

I felt unfortunate


I limped to the only window in the room. My leg was hurting me and it had really swollen if not for the herbs that some of the maids were applying to it.

I saw a car drive in and I hoped it was the man who helped me. I sat on the bed and waited for him to enter. Shortly after, the door opened and the Butler came in looking sad.

“what is it?” I asked

“I’m sorry. Do not hate me for this. They threatened to kill my daughter in kindergarten” he said

“who?” I asked and the door opened. Derulo entered and my heartbeat literally stopped for that minute.

“you must have thought you’ve escaped real good” he said and chuckled. I palmed my face and sighed

I really thought I had escaped



I watched as they moved Wilbur back to the building. They had figured out where I kept him and I didn’t tell them. I was completely powerless and my life was even in their hands already. I actually didn’t know that the man who had ordered Coloy to let me be was their boss. I thought Caleb was their boss but they were just under the man. Because they wanted revenge, they went to visit him and planned with him. He happens to have a deep hatred for Wilbur.

“Coloy wants you in the room” a man came to tell me. He was one of my secret men and I had told him earlier to call the police to this place. I also told him to alert my other men there to run off immediately. My men were just five though, Mr Yu made them six.

I stood up from the room they had made me stay with two men watching me and I followed the man. I gave him a signal and he went off immediately we reached the room they kept their victims. I saw Will with Mari when I came by the door. I felt a sting of jealousy seeing how he cared so much about her. I turned back and left there.


About an hour later, the door opened again and three men walked in. I had managed to make myself sit up earlier so I could see them clearly.

“so this is the girl who took him from us” the one with long hair said with a laughing tone

“I wonder what makes these men like her. She’s rather too timid for me to like” one with a low hair said. The last man looked the oldest, like in his late thirties or early forties. He didn’t say anything.

“where is my friend?” I asked with a fearless voice

“ohh, she’s bold.” the long haired one said

“your friend’s somewhere else. But we have someone to show you” the older one said. They left the door side and two men walked someone in. I gasped when I saw Wilbur. His eyes widened when he saw me.

“Mari” he called out. They pushed him to me and he bent down in front of me

“baby are you okay? Did they hurt you?” he asked as he looked me up and down

“aww he loves her. How cute” the long haired one said again.

“did they hurt you? Please talk to me!” he said but I didn’t answer him. I just looked away from him

He turned and glared at them

“what the heck did you do to my girlfriend!” he screamed at them

“ex girlfriend” I pronounced and he turned back and looked at me with surprise

“wow. She already got over you? Look at those cold eyes she’s using to glare at you” one of them said but I didn’t know who because I was really glaring at Wilbur. He exhaled and began to walk towards the men, but he was limping. I looked at his legs and noticed the one he was limping with. What happened to him? Did they torture him while he was here?

“please. I’m begging you, let Mari go and take me. You can hurt me all you want but please don’t hurt Mari” he pleaded

“you know what you’re supposed to do to make us let her go” the long haired one said coldly. Will sighed softly and looked at me then he looked back at them

“okay. I agree” he said.

Agreed to what?

“then kiss me right now” he said and my eyes widened. Did he just ask Will to kiss him? So is Will truly gay? I was hoping that video was fake.

Will hesitated. I could see he didn’t want to do it.

“strip the girl naked and have her raped” the man ordered with his eyes coldly looking at Will

“stop” Will said and the two other men who tried to move towards me stopped. Will moved closer to the weird man and was just about to kiss him when Caleb walked in

“yo! You two motherf*ckers get a room! You’re in front of a lady here” he said and pushed the both of them. He walked to me and began to untie me

“you’re spending the night in a room with me baby” he said and winked at me. I wanted to punch him but I realized if I did that he’ll not untie me

“what do you think you’re doing?” another voice I somehow recognized said. I looked up and screamed immediately. Will gasped and staggered back

Eduardo! I thought he was murdered

“nice to see you again” he said to me. He looked at Will and smirked

“I had promised you I wouldn’t share your secret with anyone, but you stabbed me in the back so I had no choice than to connive with them against you and your little princess” he said and looked at me. Did he just say Wilbur stabbed him in the back? This guy’s a complete psycho!

“I’m sorry you have to go through this, it’s all Wilbur’s fault” Caleb said and continued to untie me.

“bring her to my room” Eduardo said and turned to go

“whoa whoa! Bring who to your room?” Caleb asked him. He turned back and raised a brow at Caleb.

“this is my girl. The deal was that we get back at Wilbur for you and we already did that so f*uck off with him” he said and pulled me up

“come on let’s go” he said to me. Will looked at me helplessly and looked away. I actually felt the pain he felt that very moment.

Suddenly Eduardo waged at Caleb and pushed him to the wall with his hands gripped to his neck. The force Eduardo used at him actually pushed me down to the floor

“Mari!” Will yelled and tried running to me but one of the men grabbed his hand and pulled him with so much force that I thought his hand would rip off his body. He groaned loudly and fell to the floor too. The long haired man glared at him.

Meanwhile, Eduardo was busy choking Caleb by the wall. The three men didn’t do anything about it.


I got a call that the police were few metres away from the building where we were. I sighed and walked back to the room. There I saw that boss of theirs choking the lousy guy by the wall. Mari was sitting on the floor and gripping unto her arm. I ran inside and held her

“Mari! Mari are you okay? Did they hit you?” I asked and she looked so surprised to see me

“Fred?” she asked and I hugged her immediately

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” I said and the next thing we heard was a gunshot. She screamed and we looked at Derulo who slumped to the floor with blood gushing out of his neck. I looked up at Caleb and the other guy and there were looking surprised to. The gun was in the other guy’s hand



I immediately recognized that guy when Mari called his name. That was the Fred Buenos. I felt a sting of jealousy when he hugged her. I looked at where Eduardo was choking the other guy and sighed. Why wasn’t Coloy or the others doing anything?

Suddenly Eduardo got kicked in between his legs and he groaned and left the guy. The guy proceeded to punch him in the stomach and Eduardo tried to grip unto his hand but the guy was swift enough to dodge Eduardo. One thing led to another and they began to through blows and kicks and all of a sudden Eduardo brought out a gun to shoot the guy. He froze and just as Eduardo was about to pull the trigger, the guy immediately kicked his hand and the bullet met Derulo on his neck. He fell down immediately and started jerking for life

“Derulo! Derulo!” both Maxwell and Coloy called as they bent down beside him. Derulo stopped jerking and just laid lifeless with his eyes opened. Coloy gritted his teeth and looked up at Eduardo. He stood up slowly and walked to him

“what did you just do?” he asked coldly. The other guy stared at the both of them and ran out of the room. Maxwell ran after him.

Coloy brought out another gun and Mari gasped. I couldn’t move anymore. All my energy had faded off and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. After I had fallen, all my aches resumed duty.

“it’s his fault. Why was he standing in the way?” Eduardo said and wondered what type of fool he had suddenly become.

“you killed him” Coloy said calmly as if he wasn’t angry. But since I know Coloy well, I also know Eduardo is dead meat.

Eduardo chuckled softly and turned to Mari.
“you… Come with me” he said and pulled her up

“no please. Let me go! Let me go” she cried. Coloy’s eyes were turning red. He looked at Eduardo and pointed his gun at him as he took Mari away.

“if you think you’re not gonna loose at all in this, you’re wrong! We’re all gonna loose” he said and turned the gun to Mari. Eduardo didn’t know as he was pulling her neither did she. I was afraid Coloy would want to kill her because he never forgives and since the only person important to him at the moment was Mari, he’ll want to take her life and have Eduardo feel the anger he was feeling because of Derulo’s death.

Just as Coloy pulled the trigger, Fred ran up and pulled Mari away from Eduardo. Eduardo shifted to the position of Mari because of the pull and the bullet met his neck too. I sighed in relief that Mari wasn’t hurt.

“damn!” Coloy groaned and glared at Fred

“please, don’t hurt her. Please” he begged. Coloy looked at me then at Derulo

“I said I’ll do as you asked. I’ll be… I’ll be your boyfriend again. Just don’t hurt Mari, I’m begging you” I pleaded and I saw Mari’s tears dropping as she stared at me.

Coloy walked to me and pulled me up, he began to help me walk towards the door then suddenly stopped. He turned around and fired two shots at Fred. Mari screamed and began to cry, clutching unto Fred’s body and dropped the gun on the floor.

He stepped out of the door with me when we heard ‘freeze’. The police pointed numerous guns at us. Coloy left me and I fell again. He lifted his hands and one of the police men handcuffed him.


The bullet had met Fred on his shoulder and lower abdomen. That wasn’t enough to kill him right? It didn’t hit any vital organ right?

“Fred please you can’t die! Fred” I cried and lifted his head up

“I won’t die Mari. Not when I’m in love with you” he said in a very low voice I doubt if anyone else heard

“what?” I asked and he closed his eyes and didn’t answer anymore. I thought he had died but he still had a pulse. The police moved in and helped me up. There was a bodybag in the room, there opened it and brought out Eliza. I screamed but the police man quickly shouted that she was alive.
To Be Continued

Guys forgive any errors in this chapter. I had a really hard time trying to complete it in days (I lost ideas for this chapter)