Boy With Luv Episode 48


I looked at the rearview mirror and truly the car was still right behind me. I wouldn’t have cared but the way it’s taking all my turns and not overtaking even with the fact that I’m driving soon is getting me scared.

I made a U-turn and drove back to school. I kept looking back and thankfully the car didn’t follow me.

Ever since that incident with Eduardo, I’ve been having insecurities. Sometimes I hear my door opening at night and I wake up to see a human-like shadow beside my door. When I turn on the lights, it would just be my jacket that I hung there. Eliza advised me to go for therapy and I’m going to buy that idea.

I parked my car beside an ice-cream shop and looked outside at the people walking in and out of it. Some were teens some preteens, some were children with either one of their parents or both. I smiled at a lovely little girl who was smiling brightly for the camera. Her mom I suppose, was taking a selfie with her and each of them carried a chocolate ice-cream cone.

It was a hot day and perfect for a cooling bowl of ice-cream. I stepped down from the car and walked to the shop. I entered and saw a table that was empty and close to the wall. I sat down and picked their menu. I picked a orange flavoured ice-cream and chips and signalled the waiter. She came and I placed my order.

I looked through the glass wall at my car and I heaved a sigh when I didn’t see any other strange car parked beside it

“here’s your order ma’am” the waiter said and placed a tray in front of me. I smiled at her and opened the chocolate chips first. I love to take ice-cream with chips in it

I opened the cup of orange flavored ice cream and picked up the spoon. I picked a chip and placed it on top of the ice-cream before scooping it up into my mouth.

As I lifted my face, I slightly saw a pair of eyes darting away from my direction. I looked at the young man and wondered if he actually looked at me. I was still looking at him when he looked back at me. Our eyes met and he gasped and looked away.

You know me and my insecurities, I became scared immediately. What if it was the driver of the car that kept following me? What if the car followed me here?

I looked down at my ice-cream and didn’t want to take it anymore. I decided to just take it home.

I covered the lid of both the ice-cream and the chips and looked up to signal a waiter.
The young man who looked at me was now talking to the waiter and I sat back breathing heavily. He gave her his credit card and she left. I was looking at him to see if I’d recognize him but no way, he looked like he was from another planet to me.

When the waiter returned, he collected his card and walked out of the shop.
I quickly signaled the waiter to pay too so I can see him leaving.

“here, my card” I said
“the man who just left already paid for you” she said

“he said he would pay for you and he did” she said

“without my consent? Why didn’t you ask me first? Why would you let a complete stranger pay for me?” I blurted out and some eyes looked towards my direction

“I’m sorry ma’am but he said you two were together” she said

“gosh, you’re so… Ugh! You know what, next time confirm first. I haven’t even met that guy in my life. Wait, how are you sure it was me he meant?” I asked not even minding that I was causing a scene

“you’re the only one wearing blue here” she said and I looked around. I was truly the only one wearing blue

I sighed
“okay, just get me a bag to put this in okay” I said and she nodded and left. I looked at the ice-cream and didn’t want to eat it at all.

The waiter returned with the bag and put them in it. She handed it to me

“thank you” I said and gave her two bills. Her eyes widened because they were both 100p.

“it’s for embarrassing you. I’m sorry” I whispered and smiled at her

“thank you” she said with a pretty smile. I nodded and left. That lady just reminded me of when I worked at KFC. And that man that gave me 200 peso.

I looked around and remembered that I was supposed to spy on that young man or at least get his car’s number. I looked at my car and then at the bag. Should I throw it in the garbage can? No, Eliza would kill me. I’ll just give it to her instead

I walked to my car and entered. As I was driving I kept looking back and thankfully no car seemed to be following me



I fanned myself with my palm as I sat in the director’s office with my manager

“are you okay? Mr Sanders?” my manager asked

“yeah… I am” I lied. If there’s any opposite of ‘I’m fine’ them that’s exactly what I am now

“you’ve been acting all weird today even after we took a drink” he said again

“I’m fine. Just focus on the proposal before the director comes in” I said so that he could let me be to think in peace

I’ve been wondering how and why he came back. I thought he was long locked up. Goodness! If he does anything funny I’ll be behind bars

God please help me


I watched as Eliza began taking my ice-cream. I still didn’t want to take it

“does he look good?” Eliza asked
“I don’t know Eliza. Let me be” I said and packed my hair in a ponytail

“maybe he’s a secret admirer. Don’t you think?”

“I don’t want to talk about that okay? Hmm, don’t you have a math assignment? Aren’t you going to do it?” I asked, changing the topic

“I’m not good at math. Just do it for me” she said and I scoffed

“do you even want to graduate? Would I write your exams for you? Get a hold of your self for once and stop relying on me to do everything about your school work for you! You should try to be brilliant too and not some dummy!” I blurted out and looked away angrily.

Eliza was quiet and I looked at her. Her countenance had fallen.

“oh my God” I muttered when I realized I shouldn’t have said those nasty things

“I’m… I’m just… I’m gonna go” she mumbled and dropped the spoon in her hand

“Eliza I’m sorry” I apologized

“it’s… It’s okay” she said and walked out of my room.

I groaned and kicked a pillow, I threw the one in my hand away and bit my lower lip. I was too preoccupied with my thoughts that I just didn’t know what I blurted out because of frustration

“good morning” I greeted Eliza who was making breakfast

“good morning” she replied with a smile. She was making pancakes

“did you sleep well?” she asked

“I… Yeah I did” I answered and poured myself some water.

I looked at her face and realized she had eye bags

“Eliza? Did you sleep well?” I asked

“I slept for two hours” she replied

“two hours? Just two hours? What kept you up?” I asked

“I was trying to do something. You’ll see” she stated and I sighed and nodded

“I’m sorry about—”
“—you don’t have to apologize” she cut me short

“come on, bring the plates” she said with a smile.
I walked down the stairs and saw a man wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans sitting on the sofa. Eliza had come upstairs to tell me that someone was looking for me and that he had a message from Wilbur

“good evening sir” I greeted him. He stood up

“good evening miss” he replied and stood up. He gave me a handshake

“my name is—” “—Marigold” Will’s voice called from the door. He had cut the man short

He walked in and glared at the man who also seemed to be glaring at him and smirking at the same time
To Be Continued